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Editors --- "Human Rights Bibliography" [1995] AUJlHRights 13; (1995) 2(1) Australian Journal of Human Rights 161

Human Rights Bibliography

This bibliography lists journal articles published between December 1994 and July 1995 concerning human rights especially as they relate to developments in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. It does not purport to be exhaustive and is intended as a guide only. The bibliography is divided into several subject areas and will be updated in further issues of the Journal.

Bills of rights

Thomson J A "An Australian Bill of Rights: Glorious Promises, Concealed Dangers" (1994) 19 University of Melbourne Law Review 1020

Adjei C "Human Rights Theory and the Bill of Rights Debate" (1995) 58 Modern Law Review 17

Children's rights

De Jonge A "Australia's Aboriginal Youth and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child" (1995) 3(1) The International Journal of Children's Rights 69

Godfrey K `The lost Kooris: A history of Aboriginal child welfare policies in NSW' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 27

Van Bueren G "Children's Access to Adoption Records - State Discretion or an Enforceable International Right" (1995) 58 Modern Law Review 37

Constitutional rights

Glass A "Australian Capital Television and the Application of Constitutional Rights" (1995) 17 Sydney Law Review 29

Irving H "A Gendered Constitution? Women, Federation and Heads of Power" (1994) 24 The University of Western Australia Law Review 186

Criminal Justice

Anderson T "Victims' Rights or Human Rights" (1995) 6(3) Current Issues in Criminal Justice 335

East B "Social Control and the Violation of Human Rights: The Relationship between Sociological Variables and Serial Murder" (1995) 6(3) Criminology Australia 21

Iorns CJ `Aboriginal Women and Bias in the Criminal Justice System' [1994] AboriginalLawB 59; (1994) 3(71) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 8.

Cultural Rights

Hawkins C `Stopping the rip-offs: Protecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural expression' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 7.

Shanley ML `Unwed Fathers' Rights, Adoption, and Sex Equality: Gender-neutrality and the perpetuation of patriarchy' (1995) 95(1) Columbia Law Review 60.

Wilkinson D `Marrying law & custom: The Commonwealth's power to recognise customary law marriages' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 23.

Economic rights

Chua AL `The Privatization-Nationalisation Cycle: The Link between Markets and Ethnicity in Developing Countries' (1995) 95(2) Columbia Law Review 223.


Desgagne R `Integrating Environmental Values into the European Convention on Human Rights' (1995) 89(2) American Journal of International Law 263.

Glick RD `Environmental Justice in the United States: Implications of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights' (1995) 19(1) Harvard Environmental Law Review 1.

Mahony S `World Bank's Policies and Practice in Environmental Impact Assessment' (1995) 12(2) Environmental and Planning Journal 97.

Equality before the law

Dupius MD `The Impact of Culture, Society and History on the Legal Process: an Analysis of the Legal Status of Same-Sex Relationships in the United States and Denmark' (1995) 9(1) International Journal of Law and the Family 86.

Treble A `Permissible Discrimination: Sex discrimination under the Social Security Act' (1995) 20(3) Alternative Law Journal 117.

Freedom of Expression

MacKinnon CA `Review Essay: Pornography Left and Right' (1995) 30(1) Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 143.

Walker S "The Impact of the High Court's Free Speech Cases on Defamation Law" [1995] SydLawRw 3; (1995) 17 Sydney Law Review 43

Immigration and refugees

Stobo GH `The Canadian Refugee Determination System' (1994) 29(3) Texas International Law Journal 383.

Indigenous Peoples

Behrendt J `So long, and thanks for all the fish ... Aboriginal fishing rights and the Commonwealth's acquisition power' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 11.

Gregory M `Absent Owners' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 20.

Iorns CJ `Twelfth Session of the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples' [1994] AboriginalLawB 58; (1994) 3(71) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 6.

Levy A `Fighting over the land: The New Zealand Government's proposals for final settlement of all Maori land claims' (1995) 20(3) Alternative Law Journal 113.

Malbon J `The Fiduciary Duty: the Next Step for Aboriginal Rights?' (1994) 19(2) Alternative Law Journal 72.

Webber J "The Jurisprudence of Regret: The Search for Standards of Justice in Mabo" [1995] SydLawRw 1; (1995) 17 Sydney Law Review 5

Medicine and Human Rights

Bix B "Physician Assisted Suicide and the United States Constitution" (1995) 58 Modern Law Review 404

Chopko ME, Moses FM `Assisted Suicide: Still a Wonderful Life?' (1995) 70(3) Notre Dame Law Review 519.


Epstein RA `The Status-production sideshow: Why the antidiscrimination laws are still a mistake' (1995) 108(5) Havard Law Review 1085.

Hayman Jr RL `The Color of Tradition: Critical Race Theory and Postmodern Constitutional Traditionalism' (1995) 30(1) Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 57.

Lofgren N `Complaint procedures under Article 14 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination' [1994] AboriginalLawB 14; (1994) 3(67) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 11.

Lofgren N, Kilduff P `Genocide and Australian Law' [1994] AboriginalLawB 50; (1994) 3(70) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 6.

Lopez IFH `The social construction of Race: Some observations on Illusion, Fabrication and Choice' (1994) 29(1) Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review 1.

Poynder N `Racial Vilification Legislation' [1994] AboriginalLawB 57; (1994) 3(71) Aboriginal Law Bulletin 4.


Parkinson P "Taking Multiculturalism Seriously: Marriage Law and the Rights of Minorities" (1994) 16 Sydney Law Review 473

United Nations

Alston P "The Security Council and Human Rights: Lessons to be learned from the Iraq-Kuwait Crisis and its Aftermath" [1991] AUYrBkIntLaw 4; (1990-91) 13 Australian Yearbook of International Law 107


Chester J `Women's Rights in Queensland' (1994) 19(2) Alternative Law Journal 64.

Esteal P `Reconstructing Reality: The Eskimo, kinship, terms, Christopher Columbus and women who kill violent partners' (1995) 20(3) Alternative Law Journal 108.

MacKinnon C "Rape, genocide and Women's Human Rights" (1994) 17 Harvard Women's Law Journal 5

Randall M `Domestic Violence: Uniting law and community-based strategies' (1995) 20(1) Alternative Law Journal 3.

Walker K "An Exploration of Article 2(7) of the United Nations Charter as an Embodiment of the Public/Private distinction in International Law" (1994) 26 New York University Journal of International Law and Politics 173

Human Rights generally

Bassiouni M `"Crimes Against Humanity": The Need for a Specialized Convention' (1994) 31(3) Columbia Journal of Transnational Law 457.

Hughes A `Is Business everybody's business? Multinational corporations and international human rights' (1995) 20(2) Alternative Law Journal 71.

Kakouris C `Use of the Comparative Method by the Court of Justice of the European Communities' (1994) 6(2) Pace International Law Review 267.

Schwebel S `Blaine Sloan Lecture: The Performance and Prospects of the World Court' (1994) 6(2) Pace International Law Review 253.

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