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Endorsement of inconsistent tenancy terms by ACAT

    (1)     The parties to a residential tenancy agreement may apply in writing to the ACAT for endorsement of a term of the agreement (the inconsistent term ) that is inconsistent with a standard residential tenancy term.

    (2)     If the parties apply for endorsement of the inconsistent term, the ACAT must do 1 of the following:

        (a)     endorse the inconsistent term;

        (b)     substitute the equivalent standard residential tenancy term for the inconsistent term.

    (3)     In making a decision under subsection (2), the ACAT must consider—

        (a)     the criteria determined under subsection (6); and

        (b)     whether the inclusion of the inconsistent term in the residential tenancy agreement was obtained by fraud or undue influence.

    (4)     The ACAT must not endorse a term that is inconsistent with this Act (other than a standard residential tenancy term).

    (5)     The ACAT must not endorse a term mentioned in section 15 (5) in relation to a tenant unless satisfied that the tenant owes an amount to the housing commissioner.

    (6)     The Minister may determine criteria for subsection (3) (a).

    (7)     A determination is a disallowable instrument.

Note     A disallowable instrument must be notified, and presented to the Legislative Assembly, under the Legislation Act


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