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What is a residential tenancy agreement?

    (1)     An agreement is a residential tenancy agreement if—

        (a)     under the agreement—

              (i)     a person gives someone else (the tenant ) a right to occupy stated premises; and

              (ii)     the premises are for the tenant to use as a home (whether or not together with other people); and

              (iii)     the right is given for value; and

        (b)     the agreement is not an occupancy agreement under section 71C.

    (2)     The agreement may be—

        (a)     express or implied; or

        (b)     in writing, oral, or partly in writing and partly oral.

    (3)     The right to occupy may be—

        (a)     exclusive or not exclusive; and

        (b)     given with a right to use facilities, furniture or goods.

    (4)     This section is subject to the following sections:

              •     section 6D (Certain kinds of agreements not residential tenancy agreements)

              •     section 6E (Certain people given right of occupation not tenants).

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