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Occupancy rules, fees, charges and penalties

    (1)     The grantor must include the following information in an occupancy agreement for premises:

        (a)     any occupancy rule that applies to the premises;

        (b)     any penalty that may apply for a breach of an occupancy rule;

        (c)     any penalty, fee or charge that may apply if the occupant terminates the agreement before the end of the agreement;

        (d)     any other fee or charge payable under the agreement including—

              (i)     the frequency of the fee or charge; and

              (ii)     if relevant, how the fee or charge is worked out.

Examples—par (d) (i)

weekly occupancy fee, monthly electricity charge, quarterly water use fee, monthly wi-fi access fee

Example—par (d) (ii)

a stated share of a utilities bill

Note     If an occupancy agreement is not in writing, the grantor may comply with a requirement to give information by giving the information, in writing, in any other appropriate way (see s 71EA (3)).

    (2)     The grantor must give the occupant

        (a)     at least 8 weeks prior written notice (the grantor's notice period ) before—

              (i)     changing an occupancy rule included in the occupancy agreement; or

              (ii)     increasing a fee, charge or penalty payable under the occupancy agreement; or

              (iii)     introducing a new fee, charge, occupancy rule or penalty payable under the occupancy agreement; and

        (b)     reasonable notice about imposing a penalty for breach of an occupancy rule included in the occupancy agreement.

    (3)     If the grantor gives notice under subsection (2) (a), the occupant may terminate the occupancy agreement by giving 2 weeks written notice to the grantor before the end of the grantor's notice period.

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