Australian Capital Territory Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Principal Act  
   4.      Interpretation  
   5.      Establishment of Tribunal  
   6.      Insertion  
   7.      Oath or affirmation of office  
   8.      Divisions  
   9.      Substitution  
   10.     Reconstitution of Tribunal in certain cases  
   11.     Insertion  
   12.     Tribunal may review certain decisions  
   13.     Person affected by decision may obtain reasons for decision  
   14.     Manner of applying for review  
   15.     Parties to proceeding before Tribunal  
   16.     Procedure of Tribunal  
   17.     Certain documents and information not required to be disclosed and questions not required to be answered  
   18.     Public interest questions under section 35  
   19.     Lodging material documents  
   20.     Powers of Tribunal  
   21.     Operation and implementation of a decision that is subject to review  
   22.     Power to dismiss application or strike out party  
   23.     Review by Tribunal  
   24.     Return of documents or things at completion of proceeding  
   25.     Sending of documents or things to, and disclosure of documents by, the Supreme Court  
   26.     Insertion  
   27.     Failure to comply with summons  
   28.     Refusal to be sworn or to answer questions  
   29.     Insertion  
   30.     Tribunal officers  
   31.     Substitution  
   32.     Fees and charges—determination  
   33.     Fees and charges—review of decisions  
   34.     Lodging of documents  
   35.     Insertion  
   36.     Insertion  
   37.     Schedule  
   38.     After the Schedule to the Principal Act the Schedule set out in the Schedule to this Act is inserted.  
   39.     Repeal—Administrative Appeals Tribunal Regulations  
   40.     Consequential amendment—Interpretation Act 1967  
           SCHEDULE 2

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