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BUILDING ACT 2004 (NO. 11 OF 2004) - SECT 28

Issue of building approvals

    (1)     This section applies if—

        (a)     an application for a building approval is made to the certifier under section 26; and

        (b)     the certifier may consider the application; and

        (c)     section 30 (External design and siting considerations) does not apply to the application.

    (2)     The certifier must issue the building approval if satisfied on reasonable grounds that the plans meet each approval requirement under section 29.

    (3)     If the certifier issues a building approval—

        (a)     the building approval must be marked on, attached to or partly marked on and partly attached to, each page of the plans it relates to; and

        (b)     the certifier must initial and mark his or her licence number on each page of the plans.

Note     If a form is approved under s 151 for a building approval, the form must be used.

    (4)     However, if, because of the size of the plans, it is impractical to mark the building approval on each page of the plans, the certifier may, instead of marking the approval under subsection (3) (a), mark each page of the plans with an indication that the approval, or part of the approval, is in a separate document.

    (5)     A certifier who issues a building approval must—

        (a)     give a copy of the approval and the relevant plans as soon as practicable to the person who applied for the approval; and

        (b)     within 7 days after the day of issue, give to the construction occupations registrar—

              (i)     a copy of the approval; and

              (ii)     a copy of the relevant plans; and

              (iii)     if notification of the certifier's appointment has not previously been given to the registrar—notification of the appointment.

Note 1     If a form is approved under s 151 for a notification of appointment, the form must be used.

Note 2     A fee may be determined under s 150 for this section.

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