Australian Capital Territory Numbered Acts

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           Long Title

   1.      Name of Act  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Legislation amended  
   4.      Orders to bring young detainee before court  
   5.      New section 876A  
   6.      Offences against Act—application of Criminal Code  
   7.      New section 61B  
   8.      Interview friend  
   9.      Securing the presence of suspects at hearings—suspect not in  
   10.     Section 37 (3) and (4)  
   11.     Procedure at hearing of application for order  
   12.     Action to be taken on making of orders  
   13.     Applications for interim orders  
   14.     Rules for carrying out forensic procedures—transgender and intersex  
   15.     Section 54  
   16.     Presence of interview friend or lawyer while forensic procedure is carried  
   17.     Securing the presence of serious offender at hearing—offender in  
   18.     Securing the presence of serious offender at hearing—offender not in  
   19.     Section 77B (4) and (5)  
   20.     Procedure at hearing of application for order  
   21.     Section 77C (5)  
   22.     Section 77C (6)  
   23.     Powers of lawyers and interview friends  
   24.     Obligation of investigating police officers relating to electronic  
   25.     Dictionary, new definition of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander  
   26.     Board may reject parole application without  
   27.     Victim impact statements—form and  
   28.     Meaning of supervision condition  
   29.     Meaning of accommodation order  
   30.     What must a retrieval warrant contain?  
   31.     False statement by officer of body  
   32.     New part 6.4A  
   33.     Authority to possess and use firearms temporarily  
   34.     Section 14 (2) (c) (ii)  
   35.     New section 14 (2A)  
   36.     Unregulated firearms—forfeiture  
   37.     Authority conferred by licence—additional  
   38.     Return or forfeiture of things seized  
   39.     Evidentiary provisions  

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