Australian Capital Territory Numbered Acts

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Australian Workers' Union Construction on Site and Civil Engineering (ACT) Award 1981

Australian Workers' Union Miscellaneous Workers (ACT) Award 1991

Bakers Consolidated (ACT) Award 1985

Bread Sales Personnel (ACT) Award 1982

Building and Construction Industry (ACT) Award 1991

Business Equipment Industry (Technical Service) Award 1978

Butchers' Carters (ACT) Award 1982

Caretakers, Cleaners and Lift Drivers (ACT) Award 1982

Chemists (ACT) Award 1994

Child Care Industry (ACT) Award 1992

Cleaning (Building and Property Service) Award 1996

Clerks (ACT) Award 1985

Clothing Trades Award 1982

Commercial Travellers (ACT) Consolidated Award 1994

Community and Aged Services (ACT) Award 1995

Community Pharmacy (Public Holidays) Award 1995

Community Services (Home Care) (ACT) Award 1988

Concrete Products Factories (ACT) Award 1970

Country Printing Award 1959

Draughtsmen's, Planners and Technical Officers (ACT) Award 1982

Dry Cleaning Industry Award 1966

Electrical Contracting Industry Award 1992

Engine Drivers' and Firemen's (ACT) Award 1982

Family Day Care (ACT) Award 1996

Felt Hatting Consolidated Award 1993

Footwear—Manufacturing and Components Industries Award 1979

Furnishing Trades (ACT) Award 1983

Hairdressing and Beauty Industry (ACT) Award 1985

Health Services Union of Australia (ACT Health and Community Services) Consolidated Award 1993

Hospital Employees (Nursing Staff) (ACT) Award 1980

Independent Schools and Colleges (Domestic and Maintenance Staff) (ACT) Award 1993

Laundry Employees (ACT) Award 1966

Liquor and Allied Industries Catering, Cafe, Restaurant, etc. (ACT) Award 1995

Liquor and Allied Industries, Hotels, Hostels, Clubs and Boarding Establishments etc. (ACT) Award 1992

Liquor Trades Hotels (ACT) Award 1996

Metal Trades (ACT) Award 1982

Milk Treatment and Distribution Employees (ACT) Award 1967

Mobile Crane Hiring Award 1990

National Metal and Engineering On site Construction Industry Award 1989

Nationwide Facilities Management AIS Consent Award 1995

Nurses Private Employment (ACT) Award 1972

Parking Stations etc. Employees (ACT) Award 1983

Plumbing Industry (ACT) Award 1982

Poultry Farm Employees (ACT) Award 1980

Printing and Kindred Industries Union (Canberra Times) Award 1985

Private Pathology Industry (ACT) Interim Award 1996

Red Cross (ACT Blood Bank Administrative Workers) Award 1984

Repair and Retail Motor Industry (ACT) Award 1992

Retail and Wholesale Industry Shop Employees ACT Award 1995

Security Employees (ACT) Award 1986

Storemen and Packers (ACT) Award 1973

Textile Industry Award 1994

The Video Shops (Industrial Agreement) 1992

Theatrical Employees (Cinema and Drive-In Industry) Award 1983

Theatrical Employees (Recreation Grounds and Raceday Racing Officials—NSW and ACT) Award 1990

Transport Workers' (ACT) Award 1982

Transport Workers' (Airlines) Award 1988

Transport Workers' (Armoured Vehicles) Award 1978

Transport Workers' Garbage (ACT) Award 1990

Transport Workers' (Long Distance Drivers) Award 1993

Transport Workers' (Oil Agents/Contractors) Award 1981

Transport Workers' (Passenger Vehicles) Award 1984”.


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