Australian Capital Territory Numbered Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Interpretation  
   4.      Meaning of “business associate” and “executive associate”  
   5.      Meaning of “key person” and “key relationship”  
   6.      Meaning of “agent”  
   7.      Incorporation of Taxation (Administration) Act 1987  
   8.      Extraterritorial application of Act  


           Division 1--—The co-operative scheme

   9.      Declaration of participating jurisdictions and corresponding laws  

           Division 2--—Authorised providers and authorised games

   10.     Authorised games  
   11.     Authorisation to conduct interactive games  
   12.     Change to conditions of authorisation  
   13.     Revocation of authorisation  
   14.     Conducting, or participating in, unauthorised interactive gambling  

           Division 3--—Conduct of authorised games

   15.     Player registration  
   16.     Procedure for registration of players  
   17.     Verification of player's identity  
   18.     Acceptance of wagers  
   19.     Player to be bound by rules of the game  

           Division 4--—Restriction of gambling venues

   20.     Use of premises for interactive gambling  

           Division 5--—Exemption schemes

   21.     Interpretation  
   22.     Approval of exemption schemes  
   23.     Cancellation of approval  
   24.     Termination of approved exemption scheme  


           Division 1--—Applications for, and issue of, interactive gambling licences

   26.     Application for interactive gambling licence  
   27.     Consideration of application  
   28.     Criteria for granting application  
   29.     Suitability of applicant to hold interactive gambling licence  
   30.     Suitability of business and executive associates  
   31.     Procedure on decision  
   32.     Conditions of licence  
   33.     Changing or adding conditions  
   34.     Return of licence for endorsement of changed conditions  
   35.     Form of licence  

           Division 2--—General provisions about interactive gambling licences

   36.     Interactive gambling licence not to be transferable  
   37.     Mortgage and assignment of interactive gambling licence  
   38.     Surrender of interactive gambling licence  

           Division 3--—Suspension and cancellation of interactive gambling licences

   39.     Grounds for suspension or cancellation  
   40.     Direction to rectify  
   42.     Suspension after notice  
   43.     Cancellation of licence  
   44.     Appointment of administrator  
   45.     Cancellation or reduction of period of suspension  

           Division 4--—Security certificates

   46.     Security related decisions  


           Division 1--—Requirement for key persons to be licensed

   47.     Obligation to hold licence  
   48.     Requirement that unlicensed key person end role  
   49.     Requirement to end key person's role  

           Division 2--—Issue of key person licences

   50.     Application for key person licence  
   51.     Consideration of application  
   52.     Decision on application  
   53.     Form of key person licence  
   54.     Conditions  
   55.     Changing conditions  
   56.     Term of key person licence  
   57.     Lapsing of key person licence  
   58.     Replacement of key person licence  
   59.     Surrender of key person licence  

           Division 3--—Disciplinary action

   60.     Grounds for suspension or cancellation  
   61.     Commissioner's belief as to suitability  
   62.     Suspension of licence  
   63.     Directions to rectify  
   64.     Cancellation or reduction of period of suspension  
   65.     Cancellation of key person licence  

           Division 4--—Notification of key person licensees

   66.     Notice of commencement of key person licensee  
   67.     Returns about licensees  

           Division 5--—Requirements about key relationships

   68.     Notice of end of key relationship  
   69.     Requirement to end key relationship  


           Division 1--—Agency agreements

   70.     Conditions for entering into agency agreement  
   71.     Notice of agency agreement  
   72.     Amendment of agency agreement  
   73.     Returns about agents  

           Division 2--—Disciplinary action

   74.     Grounds for disciplinary action  
   75.     Formation of Commissioner's beliefs  
   76.     Commissioner's notice to terminate agreement  
   77.     Suspension of agent's operations  
   78.     Direction to rectify  
   79.     Termination of agreement  
   80.     Notice of termination of agreement  


           Division 1--—Preliminary

   81.     Interpretation  

           Division 2--—Licence fees

   82.     Liability to licence fee  

           Division 3--—Interactive gambling tax

   83.     Liability to tax  
   84.     Returns for calculation of tax  


           Division 1--—Rules and directions

   85.     Rules  
   86.      Directions  
   87.     General responsibilities of licensed provider  
   88.     Responsibility of licensed provider to ensure compliance by agent  
   89.     Responsibility of agent  

           Division 2--—Place of operation

   90.     Licensed provider's place of operation  
   91.     Agent's place of operation  

           Division 3--—Control systems

   92.     Authorised games to be conducted under an approved control system  
   93.     Control system submission  
   94.     Changes to control systems  
   95.     Consideration of, and decisions about, submissions  
   96.     Direction to change approved control system  

           Division 4--—Dealings involving players' accounts

   97.     Funds in player's accounts to be remitted on demand  
   98.     Licensed provider or agent not to act as credit provider  
   99.     Licensed providers' limited recourse to players' accounts  
   100.    Inactive players' accounts  

           Division 5--—Responsible gambling

   101.    Limitation on amount wagered  
   102.    Prohibition of interactive gambling  

           Division 6--—Gambling records

   103.    Interpretation  
   104.    Notices about keeping gambling records  
   105.    Gambling records to be kept at certain place  

           Division 7--—Financial accounts, statements and reports

   106.    Keeping of accounts  
   107.    Preparation of financial statements and accounts  
   108.    Submission of reports  

           Division 8--—Audit

   109.    Audit of licensed provider's operations  
   110.    Audit reports  
   111.    Further information following audit  

           Division 9--—Ancillary and related agreements

   112.    Interpretation  
   113.    Ancillary gambling agreement  
   114.    Approval of ancillary gambling agreements  
   115.    Review of related agreements  
   116.    Direction to terminate related agreement  

           Division 10--—Official supervision

   117.    Monitoring operations  
   118.    Presence of authorised tax officers at certain operations  

           Division 11--—Prizes

   119.    Payment or collection of prizes  
   120.    Disposal of unclaimed non-monetary prizes  
   121.    Claim for prize  
   122.    Entitlement to prize lapses if not claimed within 5 years  

           Division 12--—Aborted games

   123.    Aborted games  
   124.    Power to withhold prize in certain cases  

           Division 13--—Approval and use of regulated interactive gambling equipment

   125.    Approval of regulated interactive gambling equipment  
   126.    Use of regulated interactive gambling equipment  

           Division 14--—Advertising

   127.    Advertising interactive gambling  
   128.    Directions about advertising  

           Division 15--—Complaints and improper behaviour

   129.    Inquiries about complaints  
   130.    Reporting improper behaviour  

           Division 16--—Gambling offences

   131.    Cheating  
   132.    Impersonating certain persons  
   133.    Participation in authorised games by employees of licensed providers  
   134.    Participation by minors in conduct of approved games prohibited  
   135.    Participation by minors as players prohibited  
   136.    Offensive names prohibited  
   137.    Interference with conduct of authorised games  
   138.    Offences by certain persons  
   139.    Licensed providers not to publish identity of players in certain cases  


   140.    Interpretation  
   141.    Review of Minister's decisions  
   142.    Review of Commissioner's decisions  


   143.    Destruction of prints and photographs  
   144.    Conduct of directors, servants and agents  
   145.    Power of Minister to determine fees  
   146.    Register of interactive gambling licences  
   147.    Approval of forms  
   148.    Regulations  
   149.     Amendment of the Taxation (Administration) Act  

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