Australian Capital Territory Numbered Regulations

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- made under the Court Procedures Act 2004



   1.      Name of rules  
   2.       Commencement  
   3.      Overview of rules  
   4.       Dictionary  
   5.      References to court, judicial officer etc  
   6.      Dispensing with rules  
   7.       Dictionary  
   8.      Notes  



   20.     Meaning of plaintiff and defendant  
   21.     Purpose of ch 2 etc  
   22.     Application—ch 2  


           Division 2.2.1--How civil proceedings are started

   30.     Who may start and carry on a proceeding  
   31.     Kinds of originating processes  
   32.     When civil proceeding starts  
   33.     When originating claim must be used  
   34.     When originating application must be used  
   35.     When originating application may be used  
   36.     When originating application taken to be used  
   37.     When oral originating application may be made in Supreme Court  
   38.     Proceeding incorrectly started by originating claim  
   39.     Proceeding incorrectly started by originating application  
   40.     Setting aside originating process etc  

           Division 2.2.2--Originating claims

   50.     Originating claim—content etc  
   51.     Originating claim—additional matters for claims for debt and liquidated  
   52.     Originating claim—statement of claim for motor vehicle death and personal injury  
   53.     Originating claim—statement of claim for employment death and personal injury  
   54.     Originating claim—filing and service  

           Division 2.2.3--Originating applications

   60.     Originating application—content etc  
   61.     Originating application—filing and service  
   62.     When originating application must be served  
   63.     What happens if originating application not served in time  
   64.     Originating application—filing and service of supporting  

           Division 2.2.4--Rules about originating process

   70.     Originating process to be sealed  
   71.     Numbering etc of proceedings  
   72.     Originating process—solicitor's statement about filing  
   73.     Defendant taken to be served by filing notice of intention to respond or  
   74.     Originating process—duration and renewal  
   75.     When proceeding struck out  
   76.     Reinstating struck out proceeding  


           Division 2.3.1--Notice of intention to respond and defence—general

   100.    No step without notice of intention to respond or defence  
   101.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—details to be  
   102.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—filing and service  
   103.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—late filing or  
   104.    Ground of defence arising after defence filed etc  
   105.    Defence—reliance on defence not disclosed  
   106.    Defendant may submit to judgment by notice of intention to respond  
   107.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—several defendants with same  
   108.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—person sued under partnership  
   109.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—person incorrectly served as  
   110.    Notice of intention to respond or defence—person sued under business  
   111.    Conditional notice of intention to respond  

           Division 2.3.2--Notice of intention to respond and defence—proceedings in Supreme Court for possession of land

   150.    Application—div 2.3.2  
   151.    Proceeding for possession of land—leave to file defence etc  
   152.    Proceeding for possession of land—filing defence etc  
   153.    Proceeding for possession of land—service of defence etc  


           Division 2.4.1--Including causes of action

   200.    Including causes of action  
   201.    Joint and separate claims  
   202.    Including causes of action inconveniently etc  

           Division 2.4.2--Including and substituting parties

   210.    Necessary parties  
   211.    Including parties—common issues of law or fact  
   212.    Including parties—defendants may be sued jointly, severally, or in  
   213.    Including parties—joint entitlement  
   214.    Including parties—joint or several liability  
   215.    Including parties—plaintiff in doubt about defendant etc  
   216.    Including defendants—identical interest in relief unnecessary  
   217.    Including parties inconveniently etc  
   218.    Including parties—parties incorrectly included or not included  
   219.    Counterclaim or set-off when co-plaintiff wrongly included  
   220.    Court may include party if appropriate or necessary  
   221.    Plaintiffs may be included or substituted  
   222.    Inclusion or substitution as plaintiff requires agreement  
   223.    Including parties—procedure  
   224.    Including parties—inclusion to recover costs  

           Division 2.4.3--Changing parties

   230.    Removing parties  
   231.    Party becomes bankrupt, dies or becomes person with mental  
   232.    Amending or setting aside order for new party made on death etc of  
   233.    Failure to proceed after death of party  

           Division 2.4.4--Included or changed parties—future conduct of proceedings

   240.    Application—div 2.4.4  
   241.    Included or substituted defendant—filing and service of amended originating  
   242.    Included or substituted parties—date proceeding taken to start  
   243.    Included or substituted parties—effect of action previously taken in  
   244.    Included or changed parties—other orders about future conduct of  

           Division 2.4.5--Proceedings under Civil Law (Wrongs) Act 2002, pt 3.1

   250.    One proceeding for benefit of members of deceased person's  
   251.    Orders in proceedings for compensation to relatives in death  

           Division 2.4.6--Representation—trustees and personal representatives

   255.    Application—div 2.4.6  
   256.    Representation—by trustees and personal representatives  
   257.    Representation—trustees and personal representatives must be parties  
   258.    Representation—beneficiaries and claimants  
   259.    Representation—proceeding about administration of deceased person's estate or trust  
   260.    Representation—orders bind represented people in estate or trust proceeding  
   261.    Representation—interests of deceased person's estate  

           Division 2.4.7--Representation—numerous concurrent interests

   265.    Application—div 2.4.7  
   266.    Representation—numerous concurrent interests  
   267.    Orders in div 2.4.7 proceeding bind represented people  

           Division 2.4.8--Multiple proceedings

   270.    Consolidation etc of proceedings  

           Division 2.4.9--People with a legal disability

   275.    Person with legal disability—litigation guardian to start proceeding  
   276.    Who may be litigation guardian  
   277.    Litigation guardian—liability for costs  
   278.    Becoming a litigation guardian  
   279.    Person with legal disability—effect of no notice of intention to respond or  
   280.    Litigation guardian—appointment and removal by court  
   281.    Litigation guardian—accounts  

           Division 2.4.10--Partnerships

   285.    Meaning of partnership proceeding—div 2.4.10  
   286.    Proceeding in partnership name  
   287.    Disclosure of partners' names  

           Division 2.4.11--Business names

   290.    Proceeding in registered business name  
   291.    Proceeding in business name if unregistered etc  
   292.    Business names—amendment about parties  


   300.    Purpose—pt 2.5  
   301.    When a third-party proceeding starts  
   302.    Third-party proceeding—when available  
   303.    Third-party notice—content etc  
   304.    Third-party notice—additional matters for claims for debt and liquidated  
   305.    Third-party notice—statement of claim for certain personal injury  
   306.    Third-party notice—filing  
   307.    Third-party notice—sealing  
   308.    Third-party notice—service  
   309.    Third-party notice—effect of service on third party  
   310.    Third-party notice—setting aside  
   311.    Third-party notice—notice of intention to respond and defence  
   312.    Service of pleadings after filing of third-party notice  
   313.    Counterclaim by third party  
   314.    Third-party notice—default by third party  
   315.    Third parties—disclosure  
   316.    Third-party notice—hearing  
   317.    Third party—extent bound by judgment between plaintiff and  
   318.    Third-party notice—judgment between defendant and third party  
   319.    Notice claiming contribution or indemnity against another  
   320.    Notice claiming contribution or indemnity—filing and service  
   321.    Contribution under Civil Law (Wrongs) Act, s 21  
   322.    Third-party notice—fourth and subsequent parties  


           Division 2.6.1--Application—pt 2.6

   400.    Application—pt 2.6  

           Division 2.6.2--Rules of pleading

   405.    Pleadings—formal requirements  
   406.    Pleadings—statements in  
   407.    Pleadings—matters to be specifically pleaded  
   408.    Pleadings—money claims short form  
   409.    Pleadings—certain facts need not be pleaded  
   410.    Pleadings—technical objections  
   411.    Pleadings—references to spoken words and documents  
   412.    Pleadings—conditions precedent  
   413.    Pleadings—matters arising after start of proceeding  
   414.    Pleadings—inconsistent allegations etc  
   415.    Pleadings—notice pleaded as a fact  
   416.    Pleadings—implied contracts or relations  
   417.    Pleadings—kind of damages etc  
   418.    Pleadings—amount of unliquidated damages  
   419.    Pleadings—other relief  

           Division 2.6.3--Pleadings—general

   425.    Pleadings—striking out  
   426.    Pleadings—trial without  

           Division 2.6.4--Particulars

   430.    Pleadings—all necessary particulars must be included  
   431.    Pleadings—use of ‘Scott schedule'  
   432.    Pleadings—negligence and breach of statutory duty  
   433.    Pleadings—how particulars must be given  
   434.    Pleadings—application for better particulars  
   435.    Pleadings—failure to comply with better particulars order  

           Division 2.6.5--Answering pleadings

   440.    Pleadings—answering  
   441.    Pleadings—denials and non-admissions  
   442.    Pleadings—defence to debt and liquidated demand claims  
   443.    Pleadings—defence to motor vehicle and employment personal injuries claims  
   444.    Pleadings—defence to proceeding on bill of exchange etc  
   445.    Pleadings—denial of representative capacity or partnership constitution  
   446.    Pleadings—denial of contract  
   447.    Pleadings—allegations admitted unless denied etc  
   448.    Pleadings—unreasonable denials and non-admissions  
   449.    Pleadings—confession of defence  

           Division 2.6.6--Special defences

   455.    Pleadings—defence of tender  
   456.    Pleadings—defence of set-off  

           Division 2.6.7--Counterclaims

   460.    Counterclaim—cause of action arising after start of proceeding  
   461.    Counterclaim—against plaintiff  
   462.    Counterclaim—against additional party  
   463.    Counterclaim—abandonment of excess in Magistrates Court  
   464.    Counterclaim—pleading  
   465.    Counterclaim—plaintiff may rely on previous pleadings  
   466.    Counterclaim—answer to  
   467.    Counterclaim—defence arising after answer  
   468.    Counterclaim—effect of no answer  
   469.    Counterclaim—response to answer  
   470.    Counterclaim—conduct and pleading  
   471.    Counterclaim—order for separate hearing  
   472.    Counterclaim—after judgment etc in original proceeding  
   473.    Counterclaim—judgment for balance  
   474.    Counterclaim—stay of claim  

           Division 2.6.8--Progress of pleading

   480.    Pleadings—reply to defence  
   481.    Pleadings—after reply  
   482.    Pleadings—joinder of issue  
   483.    Pleadings—close  

           Division 2.6.9--Admissions

   490.    Admissions—voluntary admission  
   491.    Admissions—notice to admit facts or documents  
   492.    Admissions—withdrawal  
   493.    Admissions—orders on  


   500.    Application—pt 2.7  
   501.    Amendment—when must be made  
   502.    Amendment—of documents  
   503.    Amendment—after limitation period  
   504.    Amendment—of originating process  
   505.    Amendment—of pleadings before close of pleadings  
   506.    Amendment—of pleadings disallowed  
   507.    Amendment—of pleadings after close of pleadings  
   508.    Amendment—when leave to amend ceases to have effect  
   509.    Amendment—procedure  
   510.    Amendment—person required to make  
   511.    Amendment—service of amended or revised document etc  
   512.    Amendment—pleading to  
   513.    Amendment—costs  
   514.    Amendment—taking effect  


           Division 2.8.1--Interpretation—pt 2.8

   600.    Definitions—pt 2.8  
   601.    Meaning of privileged from production—pt 2.8  

           Division 2.8.2--Disclosure of documents

   605.    Discoverable documents  
   606.    Orders about disclosure  
   607.    Notice to disclose discoverable documents  
   608.    List of discoverable and privileged documents etc  
   609.    Claim for privilege—challenge etc  
   610.    Claim for privilege—waiver  
   611.    Continuing disclosure  

           Division 2.8.3--Production and inspection

   620.    Production of documents for inspection  
   621.    Orders about production of documents for inspection  
   622.    Effect of inspection of documents disclosed by another party  
   623.    Production of documents at hearing of proceeding  

           Division 2.8.4--Interrogatories

   630.    Service of interrogatories  
   631.    Objections to answer interrogatories  
   632.    Orders about interrogatories  
   633.    Answers to interrogatories  
   634.    Answers to interrogatories—belief  
   635.    Answers to interrogatories to be verified  
   636.    Tendering of answers to interrogatories in evidence  

           Division 2.8.5--Who may verify list of documents or answers to interrogatories?

   640.    Answers by governments, corporations etc  
   641.    Party cannot swear affidavit personally  

           Division 2.8.6--Preliminary discovery

   650.    Discovery to identify potential defendant  
   651.    Discovery to identify right to claim relief  
   652.    Order under div 2.8.6—privilege  
   653.    Order under div 2.8.6—costs  

           Division 2.8.7--Non-party production

   660.    Notice for non-party production—issue  
   661.    Notice for non-party production—service  
   662.    Notice for non-party production—inspection by other parties  
   663.    Notice for non-party production—application to set aside  
   664.    Notice for non-party production—privilege or objection  
   665.    Notice for non-party production—failure to produce documents  
   666.    Notice for non-party production—copying produced documents  
   667.    Notice for non-party production—costs  

           Division 2.8.8--Discovery—other provisions

   670.    Contravention of pt 2.8 order—contempt of court  
   671.    Contravention of pt 2.8 order—other action  
   672.    Solicitor to notify party of certain matters about pt 2.8  
   673.    Improper use of disclosed document  
   674.    Failure to disclose document  
   675.    Discovery by electronic means—practice notes  


           Division 2.9.1--Interpretation—pt 2.9

   700.    Meaning of usual undertaking as to damages—pt 2.9  

           Division 2.9.2--Interim preservation, distribution and payment

   705.    Application—div 2.9.2  
   706.    Urgent orders before start of proceeding  
   707.    Interim distribution  
   708.    Interim income  
   709.    Payment before finding out everyone interested  

           Division 2.9.3--Inspection, detention, custody and preservation of property

   715.    Inspection, detention, custody and preservation of property—orders  
   716.    Disposal of property other than land  
   717.    Order for inspection, detention, custody or preservation affecting  
   718.    Application for order for inspection, detention, custody or  
   719.    Division 2.9.3—other jurisdiction of court not affected  

           Division 2.9.4--Injunctions and similar orders

              Subdivision and similar orders—generally

   725.    Meaning of division 2.9.4 order  
   726.    Definitions—div 2.9.4  
   727.    Division 2.9.4—other jurisdiction of court not affected  
   728.    Division 2.9.4 order—procedure  
   729.    Division 2.9.4 order without notice etc  
   730.    Division 2.9.4 order without trial  
   731.    Division 2.9.4 order—expedited trial  
   732.    Division 2.9.4 order—damages and undertaking as to damages  
   733.    Division 2.9.4 order—other undertakings and security to perform  

              Subdivision orders

   740.    Definitions—sdiv  
   741.    Freezing orders—general  
   742.    Ancillary orders  
   743.    Freezing orders—order against enforcement debtor or prospective enforcement debtor  
   744.    Freezing orders—service outside Australia of application for freezing order or  
   745.    Freezing orders—costs  

              Subdivision orders

   750.    Definitions—sdiv  
   751.    Search orders—general  
   752.    Search orders—requirements for making order  
   753.    Search orders—terms of order  
   754.    Search orders—independent solicitors  
   755.    Search orders—costs  

           Division 2.9.5--Receivers

   765.    Application—div 2.9.5  
   766.    Receiver—agreement to act as etc  
   767.    Receiver—application for order appointing etc  
   768.    Receiver—address for service  
   769.    Receiver—security  
   770.    Receiver—remuneration  
   771.    Receiver—accounts  
   772.    Receiver—default  
   773.    Receiver—powers  
   774.    Receiver—duty in relation to property  
   775.    Receiver—liability  
   776.    Receiver—death of  

           Division 2.9.6--Sales of land by court order

   780.    Meaning of land—div 2.9.6  
   781.    Application—div 2.9.6  
   782.    Sale of land—order  
   783.    Sale of land—conduct of sale  
   784.    Sale of land—certificate of sale result  
   785.    Mortgage, exchange or partition  


   1000.   Payment into court—amount  
   1001.   Payment into court—costs  
   1002.   Payment into court—bond  
   1003.   Payment into court—security  
   1004.   Payment into court—interest up to date of payment  
   1005.   Payment into court—defendant who has counterclaimed  
   1006.   Payment into court—acceptance by plaintiff  
   1007.   Payment into court—costs on acceptance by plaintiff  
   1008.   Payment into court—effect on counterclaim of acceptance by  
   1009.   Payment into court—payment out of remaining amount  
   1010.   Payment into court—defendant to counterclaim  
   1011.   Payment into court—nondisclosure  
   1012.   Payment into court—in discharge of lien  
   1013.   Payment into court—payment of amount paid into court under  
   1014.   Payment into court—amount paid into court under order under div  
   1015.   Payment into court—amount recovered by person with legal  
   1016.   Person with legal disability—approval of settlement etc  
   1017.   Person with legal disability—orders about recovered amounts  


           Division 2.11.1--Uncontested debts and liquidated demands

   1100.   Meaning of prescribed costs amount—div 2.11.1  
   1101.   Application—div 2.11.1  
   1102.   Stay of debt etc proceeding on payment of amount sought  
   1103.   Assessment of costs for stayed debt etc proceeding  
   1104.   Judgment on acknowledgment of debt or liquidated demand  

           Division 2.11.2--Default by plaintiff

   1110.   Default by plaintiff—dismissal of proceeding  

           Division 2.11.3--Default by defendant

   1115.   Definitions—div 2.11.3  
   1116.   Application—div 2.11.3  
   1117.   When is a defendant in default—generally  
   1118.   Default judgment—generally  
   1119.   Default judgment—relevant affidavits  
   1120.   Default judgment—debt or liquidated demand  
   1121.   Default judgment for debt or liquidated demand—assessment of  
   1122.   Default judgment—unliquidated damages  
   1123.   Default judgment—detention of goods  
   1124.   Default judgment—recovery of possession of land  
   1125.   Default judgment—mixed claims  
   1126.   Default judgment—other claims  
   1127.   Default judgment—costs only  
   1128.   Default judgment—setting aside etc  

           Division 2.11.4--Default by defendant—partial defence

   1135.   Definitions—div 2.11.4  
   1136.   Application—div 2.11.4  
   1137.   When is a defendant in default—partial defence  
   1138.   Default judgment—partial defence  
   1139.   Default judgment—application of div 2.11.3  

           Division 2.11.5--Summary judgment

   1145.   Application—div 2.11.5  
   1146.   Summary judgment—for plaintiff  
   1147.   Summary judgment—for defendant  
   1148.   Claims not disposed of by summary disposal  
   1149.   Evidence in summary judgment proceedings  
   1150.   Summary judgment applications—filing and service  
   1151.   Summary judgment applications—directions etc  
   1152.   Summary judgment applications—costs  
   1153.   Summary judgment—stay of enforcement  
   1154.   Summary judgment—relief from forfeiture  
   1155.   Summary judgment—setting aside  

           Division 2.11.6--Discontinuance and withdrawal

   1160.   Discontinuance or withdrawal by plaintiff  
   1161.   Discontinuance or withdrawal of counterclaim by defendant  
   1162.   Withdrawal of notice of intention to respond  
   1163.   Costs of discontinuance or withdrawal  
   1164.   Withdrawal of defence or further pleading  
   1165.   Notice of discontinuance or withdrawal  
   1166.   Discontinuance or withdrawal by party representing someone else etc  
   1167.   Discontinuance or withdrawal—subsequent proceeding  
   1168.   Consolidated proceedings and counterclaims  
   1169.   Stay pending payment of costs  

           Division 2.11.7--Mediation and neutral evaluation

   1175.   Purpose—div 2.11.7  
   1176.   Definitions—div 2.11.7  
   1177.   Mediation—appointment of mediator  
   1178.   Neutral evaluation—appointment of evaluator  
   1179.   Mediation or neutral evaluation—referral by court  
   1180.   Mediation or neutral evaluation—duty of parties to take part  
   1181.   Mediation or neutral evaluation—costs  
   1182.   Mediation or neutral evaluation—agreements and arrangements arising from  
   1183.   Neutral evaluation—privilege  
   1184.   Evaluators—secrecy  
   1185.   Evaluators—protection from liability  


           Division 2.12.1--Expert evidence generally

   1200.   Meaning of code of conduct—pt 2.12  
   1201.   Meaning of expert, expert witness and expert  
   1202.   Expert witnesses to agree to be bound by code of conduct  
   1203.   Expert witness—immunity  

           Division 2.12.2--Multiple expert witnesses for same issue

   1210.   Application—div 2.12.2  
   1211.   Court may direct experts to meet etc  

           Division 2.12.3--Appointment of medical expert for Civil Law (Wrongs) Act

   1220.   Definitions—div 2.12.3  
   1221.   Application for appointment of expert—Wrongs Act, s 86  
   1222.   Accompanying affidavit for appointment of expert—Wrongs Act, s 86  
   1223.   Response by other parties—Wrongs Act, s 86 application  
   1224.   Selection of expert etc by court—Wrongs Act, s 86 application  
   1225.   Appointed experts to be briefed etc  
   1226.   Request by appointed expert for directions  
   1227.   Appointed expert to report  
   1228.   Expert report to be admitted in evidence  
   1229.   Attendance of appointed expert  

           Division 2.12.4--Expert reports

   1240.   Application—div 2.12.4  
   1241.   Service of expert reports  
   1242.   Supplementary expert reports  
   1243.   Expert evidence to be covered by expert report  
   1244.   Expert reports admissible as evidence of opinion etc  
   1245.   Requiring attendance of expert for cross-examination etc  
   1246.   Tender of expert report  


   1300.   Definitions—pt 2.13  
   1301.   Application—pt 2.13  
   1302.   Pre-trial procedures—classification of proceeding  
   1303.   Directions hearing—category C proceedings  
   1304.   Statement of particulars before trial—personal injury claims  
   1305.   Statement of particulars before trial—compensation to relatives in death  
   1306.   Certificate of readiness for trial—generally  
   1307.   Certificate of readiness for trial—default judgment  
   1308.   Directions hearing—category A, category B and category D  
   1309.   Listing hearing  
   1310.   Special fixture  
   1311.   Expedited trial  
   1312.   Court book  
   1313.   Directions hearings and listing hearings—costs  


           Division 2.14.1--Directions

   1400.   Directions—application  
   1401.   Directions generally  
   1402.   Proceeding already being managed by court  
   1403.   Decision in proceeding  
   1404.   Failure to comply with direction etc  

           Division 2.14.2--Failure to comply with rules or order

   1450.   Effect of failure to comply with rules  
   1451.    Application because of failure to comply with rules  
   1452.    Failure to comply with order to take step  

   PART 2.15--TRIAL

           Division 2.15.1--Interpretation—pt 2.15

   1500.   Meaning of question—pt 2.15  

           Division 2.15.2--Proceedings at trial

   1505.   Trial—defendant or plaintiff not appearing  
   1506.   Trial—adjournment etc  
   1507.   Trial—third-party proceeding  
   1508.   Order of evidence and addresses  
   1509.   View by court  
   1510.   Associate etc to record hearing times  
   1511.   Associate to enter findings etc  

           Division 2.15.3--Separate decisions on questions

   1520.   Application—div 2.15.3  
   1521.   Separate decisions on questions—order  
   1522.   Separate decisions on questions—directions  
   1523.   Separate decisions on questions—decision  

           Division 2.15.4--Assessors and court-appointed referees

   1530.   Assessors  
   1531.   Referee—referral of question etc  
   1532.   Referee—appointment  
   1533.   Referee—amendment of order referring question etc  
   1534.   Referee—conduct under reference  
   1535.   Referee—submission of question to court  
   1536.   Referee—report  
   1537.   Referee—proceeding on report  
   1538.   Assessor and referee—remuneration  

           Division 2.15.5--Assessment of damages

   1545.   Application—div 2.15.5  
   1546.   Assessment of damages  
   1547.   Assessment of damages—use of affidavit evidence  
   1548.   Partial judgment for damages to be assessed  
   1549.   Damages to time of assessment  


   1600.   Orders—required by nature of case  
   1601.   Judgment book  
   1602.   Judgments—several claims  
   1603.   Orders—set off between enforceable money orders  
   1604.   Judgments—detention of goods  
   1605.   Orders—making and effect  
   1606.   Orders—filing  
   1607.   Orders—certified duplicate  
   1608.   Orders—reasons  
   1609.   Orders—reservation of decision  
   1610.   Orders—time for compliance  
   1611.   Orders—by consent  
   1612.   Orders—by consent in proceeding  
   1613.   Orders—setting aside etc  
   1614.   Order dismissing proceeding—effect  
   1615.   Orders—joint liability  
   1616.   Interest up to judgment  
   1617.   Interest after judgment  
   1618.   Judgment for interest only  

   PART 2.17--COSTS

           Division 2.17.1--Costs generally

   1700.   Definitions—pt 2.17  
   1701.   Costs—general provisions  
   1702.   Costs—agreement about costs  
   1703.   Costs—order against non-party  
   1704.   Costs—failure to comply with subpoena etc  
   1705.   Costs—for issue or part of proceeding  
   1706.   Costs—if unnecessary to continue proceeding  
   1707.   Costs—proceeding removed to another court  
   1708.   Costs—in account  

           Division 2.17.2--Entitlement to costs

   1720.   Costs—entitlement to recover  
   1721.   Costs—general rule  
   1722.    Costs—solicitors' costs generally  
   1723.   Costs—relevant amount for Magistrates Court proceedings  
   1724.   Solicitors' costs—separate judgments against defendants in Magistrates  
   1725.   Solicitors' costs and determined fees—Supreme Court judgment within Magistrates Court  
   1726.   Costs—amendment of documents  
   1727.   Costs—party not interested in application  
   1728.   Costs—for application reserved  
   1729.   Costs—extending or shortening time  
   1730.   Costs—inquiry to find person entitled to property  
   1731.   Costs—assessment of receiver's costs  
   1732.   Costs—trustee  
   1733.   Costs—solicitor appointed litigation guardian  
   1734.   Costs—assessment costs  
   1735.   Costs—counsel's advice and settling documents  
   1736.   Costs—evidence  
   1737.   Costs—solicitor advocate  
   1738.   Costs—retainer for counsel  
   1739.   Costs—counsel's fees for applications  

           Division 2.17.3--Costs of party in proceeding

   1750.   Application—div 2.17.3  
   1751.   Costs—assessed on party and party basis  
   1752.   Costs—assessed on solicitor and client etc basis  
   1753.   Costs—legal practitioner's delay etc  
   1754.   Costs—disallowance of costs for vexatious document etc  

           Division 2.17.4--Costs—registrar's powers and discretion

   1760.   Costs—registrar's general powers  
   1761.   Costs—registrar's discretion in assessing  

           Division 2.17.5--Procedure for assessing costs

   1800.   Costs—when bill of costs to be filed etc  
   1801.   Costs—if costs out of fund bill to be sent to clients  
   1802.   Costs—content of bill of costs  
   1803.   Costs—failure to file and serve bill of costs  
   1804.   Costs—payment of disbursements  
   1805.   Costs—professional charges and disbursements  
   1806.   Costs—amendment and withdrawal of bill of costs  
   1807.   Costs—notice of objection to bill of costs  
   1808.   Costs—assessment must be limited  
   1809.   Costs—default assessment if no objection to bill of costs  
   1810.   Costs—setting aside default assessment  
   1811.   Costs—offer to settle  
   1812.   Costs—acceptance of offer to settle  
   1813.   Costs—rejection of offer to settle  

           Division 2.17.6--Procedure on costs assessment

   1830.   Costs—attendance of parties at assessment  
   1831.   Costs—notice of adjournment of assessment  
   1832.   Costs—delay before registrar etc  
   1833.   Costs—set off of costs  
   1834.   Costs—bill of costs reduced by 15% or more  
   1835.   Costs—registrar's certificate of assessment  
   1836.   Costs—interim certificates of assessment  

           Division 2.17.7--Reconsideration and review of costs assessment

   1850.   Application—div 2.17.7  
   1851.   Costs—application for reconsideration  
   1852.   Costs—procedure for reconsideration  
   1853.   Costs—reply to objection on reconsideration  
   1854.   Costs—reconsideration of registrar's assessment  
   1855.   Costs—review by court  

           Division 2.17.8--Security for costs

   1900.   Security for costs—application and order  
   1901.   Security for costs—when court may make order  
   1902.   Security for costs—discretionary factors  
   1903.   Security for costs—way security given  
   1904.   Security for costs—effect of order  
   1905.   Security for costs—setting aside or amending order  
   1906.   Security for costs—finalising security  

           Division 2.17.9--Miscellaneous—pt 2.17

   1920.   Liquidator, guardian or manager—accounts  


           Division 2.18.1--Enforcement—general

   2000.   Definitions—pt 2.18  
   2001.   Enforcement orders generally  
   2002.   Enforcement—enforcement application is application in original proceeding  
   2003.   Enforcement—by or against non-party  
   2004.   Enforcement—amount recoverable  
   2005.   Enforcement—separate enforcement for costs  
   2006.   Enforcement—order in partnership name  
   2007.   Enforcement—against property of partnership  
   2008.   Enforcement—against property of business  
   2009.   Enforcement—enforcement of Supreme Court order in Magistrates Court  
   2010.   Enforcement—enforcement of Magistrates Court order in Supreme Court  
   2011.   Enforcement—demand for compliance unnecessary  
   2012.   Enforcement—when leave required  
   2013.   Enforcement—stay  
   2014.   Enforcement—conditional orders  
   2015.   Enforcement—service of order and related information  

           Division 2.18.2--Enforcement orders—general

   2050.   Enforcement orders—content and issue  
   2051.   Enforcement orders—application to set aside  
   2052.   Enforcement orders—duration and renewal of certain enforcement orders given to  
   2053.   Enforcement orders—return by enforcement officer  
   2054.   Enforcement orders—priority  
   2055.   Enforcement orders—payment under order  
   2056.   Enforcement orders—orders about enforcement  
   2057.   Enforcement orders—consecutive and concurrent orders  
   2058.   Enforcement orders—deceased enforcement debtor  

           Division 2.18.3--Enforcement of money orders—enforcement hearings

   2100.   Enforcement hearing—application by enforcement creditor  
   2101.   Enforcement hearing—otherwise than on enforcement creditor's  
   2102.    Enforcement hearing—limit on number of applications  
   2103.   Enforcement hearing—order for hearing etc  
   2104.   Enforcement hearing—who may be directed to attend by enforcement hearing  
   2105.   Enforcement hearing—service of enforcement hearing subpoena  
   2106.   Enforcement hearing—statement of enforcement debtor's financial  
   2107.   Enforcement hearing—subpoena to other person  
   2108.   Enforcement hearing—meeting of parties  
   2109.   Enforcement hearing—examination  
   2110.   Enforcement hearing—enforcement hearing warrant issue  
   2111.   Enforcement hearing—enforcement hearing warrant contents etc  
   2112.   Enforcement hearing—orders  

           Division 2.18.4--Enforcement of money orders—instalment orders

   2150.   Instalment order—making  
   2151.   Instalment order—application by enforcement debtor  
   2152.   Instalment order—when application by enforcement debtor requires  
   2153.   Instalment order—application by enforcement creditor  
   2154.   Instalment order—relevant considerations  
   2155.   Instalment order—stay of enforcement  
   2156.   Instalment order—content and issue  
   2157.   Instalment order—instalment order agreement  
   2158.   Instalment order—service  
   2159.   Instalment order—no other enforcement while in force  
   2160.   Instalment order—amending, suspending or setting aside  
   2161.   Instalment order—ceasing to have effect other than for  
   2162.   Instalment order—ceasing to have effect for nonpayment  
   2163.   Instalment order—record of payments  

           Division 2.18.5--Enforcement of money orders—seizure and sale orders

   2200.   Seizure and sale order—making  
   2201.   Seizure and sale order—application  
   2202.   Seizure and sale order—additional exempt property  
   2203.   Seizure and sale order—entry, search and seizure powers if no  
   2204.   Seizure and sale order—assistance to enforcement debtor  
   2205.   Seizure and sale order—notice of order  
   2206.   Seizure and sale order—notice of property seized  
   2207.   Seizure and sale order—removal etc of seized property  
   2208.   Seizure and sale order—application for instalment order stays sale of seized  
   2209.   Seizure and sale order—property seized not abandoned  
   2210.   Seizure and sale order—seizure of real property  
   2211.   Seizure and sale order—enforcement debtor not to deal with real  
   2212.   Seizure and sale order—order of seizing and selling property  
   2213.   Seizure and sale order—payment before sale  
   2214.   Seizure and sale order—suspension etc of enforcement  
   2215.   Seizure and sale order—agreements to withdraw and re-enter  
   2216.   Seizure and sale order—nature of sale  
   2217.   Seizure and sale order—setting reasonable amount  
   2218.   Seizure and sale order—additional provisions relating to land  
   2219.   Seizure and sale order—power of entry for auction of land  
   2220.   Seizure and sale order—sale at best price obtainable  
   2221.   Seizure and sale order—advertisement of sale  
   2222.   Seizure and sale order—postponement of sale  
   2223.   Seizure and sale order—amounts received  
   2224.   Seizure and sale order—terms about payment  
   2225.   Seizure and sale order—securities held by enforcement officer  
   2226.   Seizure and sale order—personal property subject to conditional bill of  
   2227.   Seizure and sale order—effect of sale of property  
   2228.   Seizure and sale order—effect of ending of order on completion of sale  
   2229.   Seizure and sale order—appropriation of payments towards order  
   2230.   Seizure and sale order—documents giving effect to sale  
   2231.   Seizure and sale order—payment to enforcement debtor  
   2232.   Seizure and sale order—purchase by enforcement officer or auctioneer  
   2233.   Seizure and sale order—account etc  
   2234.   Seizure and sale order—report by enforcement officer  
   2235.   Seizure and sale order—order for disposal and return of property to enforcement  

           Division 2.18.6--Enforcement of money orders—debt redirection orders generally

   2300.   Application—div 2.18.6  
   2301.   Debt redirection order—making  
   2302.   Debt redirection order—application  
   2303.   Debt redirection order—relevant considerations  
   2304.   Debt redirection order—joint funds  
   2305.   Debt redirection order—partnership debts  
   2306.   Debt redirection order—account with financial institution  
   2307.   Debt redirection order—claim by someone else  
   2308.   Debt redirection order—when debt redirected  
   2309.   Debt redirection order—notice by third person to enforcement  
   2310.   Debt redirection order—payments by third person  
   2311.   Debt redirection order—third person disputes liability  
   2312.   Debt redirection order—discharge of third person  
   2313.   Debt redirection order—payment to enforcement debtor despite  
   2314.   Debt redirection order—amending, suspending or setting  
   2315.   Debt redirection order—procedure if order not complied  

           Division 2.18.7--Enforcement of money orders—regular redirections from financial institutions

   2330.   Application—div 2.18.7  
   2331.   Regular redirection order—application of div 2.18.6  
   2332.   Regular redirection order—making  
   2333.   Regular redirection order—content  
   2334.   Regular redirection order—service and coming into force  
   2335.   Regular redirection order—financial institution to make payments  
   2336.   Regular redirection order—enforcement debtor not to defeat  
   2337.   Regular redirection order—no other enforcement while in force  
   2338.   Regular redirection order—ceasing to have effect  
   2339.   Regular redirection order—return of excess  
   2340.   Regular redirection order—record of payments  

           Division 2.18.8--Enforcement of money orders—earnings redirection orders

   2350.   Earnings redirection order—making  
   2351.   Earnings redirection order—application  
   2352.   Earnings redirection order—relevant considerations  
   2353.   Earnings redirection order—limit  
   2354.   Earnings redirection order—information about enforcement debtor's  
   2355.    Earnings redirection order—content  
   2356.   Earnings redirection order—service and coming into force  
   2357.   Earnings redirection order—person served not employer  
   2358.   Earnings redirection order—employer to make payments etc  
   2359.   Earnings redirection order—no other enforcement while in force  
   2360.   Earnings redirection order—amending, suspending or setting  
   2361.   Earnings redirection order—ceasing to have effect  
   2362.   Earnings redirection order—return of excess  
   2363.   Earnings redirection order—record of payments  
   2364.   Earnings redirection order—2 or more orders in force  
   2365.   Earnings redirection order—person served ceasing to be  
   2366.   Earnings redirection order—enforcement debtor changes or ceases  
   2367.   Earnings redirection order—directions  
   2368.   Earnings redirection order—employment protection  
   2369.   Earnings redirection order—procedure if order not complied  

           Division 2.18.9--Enforcement of money orders—charging orders

   2400.   Application—div 2.18.9  
   2401.   Charging order—making  
   2402.   Charging order—application  
   2403.   Charging order—effect  
   2404.   Charging order—enforcement debtor dealing with charged  
   2405.   Charging order—issuer etc dealing with charged property  
   2406.   Charging order—application to enforce charge  
   2407.   Charging order—procedure against partnership property for partner's separate  

           Division 2.18.10--Enforcement of money orders—amounts in court and stop orders

   2420.   Enforcement orders—amounts in court  
   2421.   Enforcement orders—stop orders  

           Division 2.18.11--Enforcement of money orders—receivers

   2430.   Application—div 2.18.11  
   2431.   Receiver—appointment  
   2432.   Receiver—application for appointment  
   2433.   Receiver—relevant considerations for appointment  
   2434.   Receiver—powers  
   2435.   Receiver—general provisions apply  

           Division 2.18.12--Enforcement of non-money orders—general

   2440.   Enforcement—orders for possession of land  
   2441.   Enforcement—orders for return of goods etc  
   2442.   Enforcement—orders to do or not do an act  
   2443.   Enforcement—undertakings  
   2444.   Enforcement—failure of individual to comply with subpoena etc  
   2445.   Enforcement—failure of corporation to comply with subpoena etc  
   2446.   Enforcement by contempt or seizing and detaining  

           Division 2.18.13--Enforcement of non-money orders—orders for delivery of possession of land

   2450.   Application—div 2.18.13  
   2451.   Order for delivery of possession of land—making  
   2452.   Orders for delivery of possession of land—preconditions  

           Division 2.18.14--Enforcement of non-money orders—orders for seizure and delivery of goods

   2460.   Order for seizure and delivery of goods—making  

           Division 2.18.15--Enforcement of non-money orders—orders for seizure and detention of property

   2470.   Order for seizure and detention of property—making  
   2471.   Order for seizure and detention of property—preconditions  
   2472.   Order for seizure and detention of property—against officer of  
   2473.   Order for seizure and detention of property—return of seized  

           Division 2.18.16--Enforcement—contempt

   2500.   Contempt—application of div 2.18.16  
   2501.   Contempt—applications generally  
   2502.   Contempt—application by registrar  
   2503.   Contempt—arrest warrant if respondent likely to abscond etc  
   2504.   Contempt in face or hearing of court—alternative procedure  
   2505.   Contempt—arrest warrant  
   2506.   Contempt—punishment  
   2507.   Contempt—costs  

           Division 2.18.17--Enforcement—arrest warrants for absconding defendants

   2550.   Application—div 2.18.17  
   2551.   Meaning of plaintiff and defendant—div 2.18.17  
   2552.   Arrest warrant for defendant—application  
   2553.   Arrest warrant for defendant—issue  
   2554.   Arrest warrant for defendant—enforcement  
   2555.   Arrest warrant for defendant—costs of enforcement  
   2556.   Arrest warrant for defendant—service of warrant and claim  
   2557.   Arrest warrant for defendant—record of enforcement  
   2558.   Arrest warrant for defendant—procedure after arrest  
   2559.   Arrest warrant for defendant—release of defendant  
   2560.   Arrest warrant for defendant—court powers  
   2561.   Arrest warrant for defendant—failure to comply with  
   2562.   Arrest warrant for defendant—review  
   2563.   Arrest warrant for defendant—restriction on further  
   2564.   Arrest warrant for defendant—costs  


           Division 2.19.1--Stakeholder's interpleader

   2600.   Interpleader—application by stakeholder  

           Division 2.19.2--Enforcement officer's interpleader

   2605.   Interpleader—notice of claim to enforcement officer  
   2606.   Interpleader—failure to give notice of claim  
   2607.   Interpleader—notice to enforcement creditor  
   2608.   Interpleader—admission of claim  
   2609.   Interpleader—enforcement officer's interpleader application  
   2610.   Interpleader—enforcement debtor's rights not affected  

           Division 2.19.3--Interpleader orders

   2620.   Interpleader—orders  
   2621.   Interpleader—summary disposal of proceeding  
   2622.   Interpleader—adverse claims  
   2623.   Interpleader—default by claimant  
   2624.   Interpleader—neutrality of applicant  
   2625.   Interpleader order—2 or more proceedings  
   2626.   Interpleader—trial  
   2627.   Interpleader—disposal of amounts in court  


           Division 2.20.1--Trusts and estates generally

   2700.   Trusts and estates—decision without order for administration  
   2701.   Trusts and estates—application not to affect powers  
   2702.   Trusts and estates—conduct of sale  

           Division 2.20.2--Taking of accounts

   2720.   Meaning of accounting party—div 2.20.2  
   2721.   Account—order for account  
   2722.   Account—orders  
   2723.   Accounts—service of order etc  
   2724.   Accounts—form and verification  
   2725.   Accounts—filing and service  
   2726.   Accounts—challenging account  
   2727.   Accounts—witness  
   2728.   Accounts—allowances  
   2729.   Accounts—delay  
   2730.   Accounts—powers exercisable on taking account  
   2731.   Accounts—class interests  
   2732.   Accounts—reference to judicial officer  
   2733.   Accounts—certificate about taking of account  
   2734.   Accounts—further consideration  

           Division 2.20.3--Making of inquiries

   2740.   Inquiries—procedure for inquiries  
   2741.   Inquiries—orders  

           Division 2.20.4--Executors, administrators and trustees—accounts and commission

   2745.   Definitions—div 2.20.4  
   2746.   Estate and trust accounts—order requiring examination and passing of  
   2747.   Estate and trust accounts—compliance with order for examination and passing of  
   2748.   Estate and trust accounts—application for commission  
   2749.   Estate and trust accounts—notice of filing of accounts etc  
   2750.   Estate and trust accounts—appearance of beneficiary at  
   2751.   Estate and trust accounts—examination  
   2752.   Estate and trust accounts—conduct of examination  
   2753.   Estate and trust accounts—application for passing accounts  
   2754.   Estate and trust accounts—passing of accounts etc  
   2755.   Estate and trust accounts—amended or further accounts  
   2756.   Estate and trust accounts—renewal of objection in subsequent  
   2757.   Estate and trust accounts—evidence in subsequent proceeding  
   2758.   Estate and trust accounts—general practice to apply  
   2759.   Estate and trust accounts—combined executors' and trustees'  
   2760.   Trustees—allowance of commission in proceeding  


   2800.   Power to act by solicitor  
   2801.   Appointment of solicitor  
   2802.   Change between acting personally and acting by solicitor  
   2803.   Change of solicitor  
   2804.   Removal of solicitor by court  
   2805.   Solicitor removed from roll etc  
   2806.   Application for leave to withdraw as solicitor  
   2807.   Leave to withdraw as solicitor  
   2808.   Effect of removal of, or leave to withdraw as, solicitor  
   2809.   Withdrawal of solicitor's agent  
   2810.   Solicitor not to act for adverse parties  


   2900.   Declaratory order  
   2901.   Copies of documents from registrar  
   2902.   Searches of registers etc  
   2903.   Inspection of registry files  



           Division 3.1.1--Administration and probate—general

   3000.   Definitions—pt 3.1  
   3001.   Terms used in Administration and Probate Act  
   3002.   Application—pt 3.1  

           Division 3.1.2--Application for grant of representation

   3005.   Grant of representation—application  
   3006.   Grant of representation—notice of intention to apply to be published in  
   3007.   Grant of administration—notice of intention to apply to be served on  
   3008.   Grant of administration—notice of intention of creditor to apply to be served on  
   3009.   Grant of representation—when notice of intention to apply to be served on public  
   3010.   Grant of representation—supporting affidavit for  
   3011.   Grant of representation—affidavit of search  
   3012.   Grant of representation—proof of identity and death  
   3013.   Grant of representation—further evidence, documents and  
   3014.   Grant of representation—no grant to executor etc who has  
   3015.   Grant of representation—when hearing not required  

           Division 3.1.3--Application for reseal of foreign grant

   3020.   Reseal of foreign grant—application  
   3021.   Reseal of foreign grant—notice of intention to apply to be published in newspaper  
   3022.   Reseal of foreign grant—supporting affidavit for application  
   3023.   Reseal of foreign grant—affidavit of search  
   3024.   Reseal of foreign grant—when hearing required  

           Division 3.1.4--Validity and form of wills

   3030.   Grant of representation—evidence of proper attestation of  
   3031.   Grant of representation—will by blind or illiterate person  
   3032.   Grant of representation—alterations in will  
   3033.   Grant of representation—documents mentioned in or attached to  
   3034.   Grant of representation—evidence of proper execution of will  
   3035.   Grant of representation—will inoperative or partly  

           Division 3.1.5--Administration bonds

   3045.   Administration bond—requirement for bond  
   3046.   Administration bond—dispensing with bond  
   3047.   Administration bond—affidavit of justification  
   3048.   Administration bond—exempt surety  
   3049.   Administration bond—addition or reduction after required but before  
   3050.   Administration bond—addition or reduction after given  
   3051.   Administration bond—proceeding on bond  
   3052.   Administration bond—application by surety  
   3053.   Administration bond—reseal of foreign grant  

           Division 3.1.6--Administration by public trustee

   3055.   Administration by public trustee—application  
   3056.   Administration by public trustee—renunciation of probate by  
   3057.   Administration by public trustee—renunciation of letters of administration by entitled  
   3058.   Administration by public trustee—service of documents on public  

           Division 3.1.7--Caveats

   3065.   Definitions—div 3.1.7  
   3066.   Caveat—filing  
   3067.   Caveat—service  
   3068.   Caveat—period of operation  
   3069.   Caveat—setting aside  
   3070.   Caveat—withdrawal if no pending proceeding for grant of representation etc  
   3071.   Caveat—leave to withdraw  
   3072.   Caveat—effect if filed on day of grant  

           Division 3.1.8--Revocation of grant

   3080.   Revocation of grant—urgent order before start of proceeding  
   3081.   Revocation of grant—application  
   3082.   Revocation of grant—orders  
   3083.   Revocation of grant—return of original grant  

           Division 3.1.9--Other probate proceedings

   3090.   Definitions—div 3.1.9  
   3091.   Application—div 3.1.9  
   3092.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—starting  
   3093.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—application for revocation  
   3094.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—affidavits  
   3095.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—affidavits of scripts  
   3096.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—directions for notice to people with beneficial  
   3097.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—notice of intention to intervene  
   3098.   Division 3.1.9 proceeding—filing of grant of representation  

           Division 3.1.10--Administration and probate—other provisions

   3110.   Administration and probate—registrar may make inquiries  
   3111.   Administration and probate—subpoenas  
   3112.   Administration and probate—evidence about domicile  
   3113.   Administration and probate—proof in solemn form  
   3114.   Failure of executor to prove will—Administration and Probate Act, s  
   3115.   Failure by executor, administrator or trustee to comply with beneficiary's request  
   3116.   Grant of administration—grant to child  
   3117.   Order about administration of real estate—Administration and Probate Act, s  
   3118.   Assessment of costs—Administration and Probate Act, s 71  
   3119.   Administration and probate book  
   3120.   Proved wills to be kept by court  


           Division 3.2.1--Adoption—general

   3150.   Definitions—pt 3.2  
   3151.   Terms used in Adoption Act  
   3152.   Application—pt 3.2  

           Division 3.2.2--Adoption orders

   3155.   References to applicants—div 3.2.2  
   3156.   Adoption order—application  
   3157.   Adoption order—supporting affidavit for application  
   3158.   Adoption order—documents accompanying application  
   3159.   Adoption order—service of application on chief executive  
   3160.   Adoption order—notice of intention to oppose  

           Division 3.2.3--Orders for dispensing with consent to adoption

   3170.   Dispensing order—application  
   3171.   Dispensing order—service of application  
   3172.   Dispensing order—notice of intention to oppose  

           Division 3.2.4--Amendment of adoption order

   3180.   Amendment order—application  
   3181.   Amendment order—service of application  
   3182.   Amendment order—notice of intention to oppose  

           Division 3.2.5--Discharge of interim orders and adoption orders

   3190.   Discharging order—application  
   3191.   Discharging order—service of application  
   3192.   Discharging order—notice of intention to oppose  

           Division 3.2.6--Access to identifying information

   3200.   Order for access to identifying information—application  
   3201.   Order for access to identifying information—service of  
   3202.   Order for access to identifying information—notice of intention to  

           Division 3.2.7--Adoption proceedings—general procedures

   3210.   Adoption proceedings—service of applications  
   3211.   Adoption proceedings—service of documents containing identifying  


   3250.   Meaning of Commercial Arbitration Act—pt 3.3  
   3251.   Terms used in Commercial Arbitration Act  
   3252.   Commercial arbitration—application  
   3253.   Commercial arbitration—leave to appeal under Commercial Arbitration Act, s 38 (4)  
   3254.   Commercial arbitration—appeal under Commercial Arbitration Act, s  
   3255.   Commercial arbitration—application under Commercial Arbitration Act, s  
   3256.   Commercial arbitration—application for order under Commercial Arbitration Act, s 42  
   3257.   Commercial arbitration—payment into court  
   3258.   Commercial arbitration—examination of witnesses  
   3259.   Commercial arbitration—decision to refuse application for order in application in  
   3260.   Commercial arbitration—application for leave to enforce award  
   3261.   Commercial arbitration—evidence of award for purposes of  
   3262.   Commercial arbitration—endorsement and service of order for  


   3270.   Rules for proceedings under Corporations Act or ASIC Act  


   3300.   Definitions—pt 3.5  
   3301.   Terms used in Cross-vesting Act  
   3302.   Application—pt 3.5  
   3303.   Cross-vesting—application for transfer or removal of proceedings  
   3304.   Cross-vesting—application by Attorney-General  
   3305.   Cross-vesting—removal of proceedings  
   3306.   Cross-vesting—relying on jurisdiction under cross-vesting laws  
   3307.   Cross-vesting—service  
   3308.   Cross-vesting—directions  
   3309.   Cross-vesting—procedure following transfer of proceeding from court  
   3310.   Cross-vesting—procedure following transfer of proceeding to court  
   3311.   Cross-vesting—application of another jurisdiction's written law  
   3312.   Cross-vesting—application of another jurisdiction's rules of evidence and  


           Division 3.6.1--Electoral matters—general

   3350.   Definitions—pt 3.6  
   3351.   Terms used in Electoral Act  
   3352.   Application—pt 3.6  
   3353.   Election application etc originating application  

           Division 3.6.2--Disputed elections

   3355.   Disputed election—deposit as security for costs  
   3356.   Disputed election—public notice of election application  
   3357.   Disputed election—parties to proceeding  
   3358.   Disputed election—public notice of intention to make application for leave to  
   3359.   Disputed election—particulars of contested ballot papers  
   3360.   Disputed election—countercharges  
   3361.   Disputed election—time of trial etc  
   3362.   Disputed election—substitution of plaintiff  
   3363.   Disputed election—withdrawal of defendant  
   3364.   Disputed election—substitution of defendant  

           Division 3.6.3--Questions referred by Legislative Assembly

   3400.   Question referred—parties to proceeding  

           Division 3.6.4--Electoral matters—general procedure

   3405.   Electoral matters—better particulars  


           Division 3.7.1--Foreign confiscation orders—registration

   3450.   Definitions—div 3.7.1  
   3451.   Application—div 3.7.1  
   3452.   Foreign confiscation orders—register  
   3453.   Foreign confiscation orders—registration  
   3454.   Foreign confiscation orders—proceedings for registration  
   3455.   Foreign confiscation orders—when registration cancelled  

           Division 3.7.2--Interstate confiscation orders—registration

   3460.   Definitions—div 3.7.2  
   3461.   Interstate confiscation orders—register  
   3462.   Interstate confiscation orders—registration  
   3463.   Interstate confiscation orders—proceedings for registration  
   3464.   Interstate confiscation orders—when registration cancelled  
   3465.   Interstate confiscation orders—filing of amendments etc  


   3470.   Definitions—pt 3.8  
   3471.   Terms used in Foreign Judgments Act  
   3472.   Application—pt 3.8  
   3473.   Foreign judgment—application for registration  
   3474.   Foreign judgment—evidence in support of application for  
   3475.   Foreign judgment—security for costs of application for  
   3476.   Foreign judgment—order for registration  
   3477.   Foreign judgment—register  
   3478.   Foreign judgment—registration  
   3479.   Foreign judgment—notice of registration  
   3480.   Notice of registration—affidavit of service to be filed  
   3481.   Registration of judgment—application to set aside  
   3482.   Foreign judgment—enforcement  
   3483.   Australian judgment—certificate for foreign registration  


   3500.   Definitions—pt 3.9  
   3501.   Application—pt 3.9  
   3502.   Habeas corpus—writs of habeas corpus abolished  
   3503.   Habeas corpus—order instead of writ of habeas corpus  
   3504.   Habeas corpus—application and service  
   3505.   Habeas corpus—parties  
   3506.   Habeas corpus—procedure on application etc  
   3507.   Habeas corpus—return of order  


   3550.   Definitions—pt 3.10  
   3551.   Terms defined in Judicial Review Act  
   3552.   Application—pt 3.10  
   3553.   Judicial review—prerogative writs etc abolished  
   3554.   Judicial review—relief previously granted by prerogative writ  
   3555.   Judicial review—other jurisdiction not excluded  
   3556.   Judicial review—application etc  
   3557.   Judicial review—time for starting proceeding  
   3558.   Judicial review—declaration or injunction  
   3559.   Judicial review—other prerogative relief etc  
   3560.   Judicial review—additional orders  
   3561.   Judicial review—application for statutory order of review and prerogative relief  
   3562.   Judicial review—relief based on application for prerogative relief etc if  
   3563.   Judicial review—filing and serving statements  
   3564.   Judicial review—stay or dismissal of application for statutory order of review on  
   3565.   Judicial review—directions on return date  
   3566.   Judicial review—power of the court to stay or dismiss applications in certain  
   3567.   Judicial review—additional requirements for certiorari order  
   3568.   Judicial review—no proceeding in relation to things done under mandamus  
   3569.   Judicial review—disclaimer in relation to quo warranto order  
   3570.   Judicial review—proceeding in relation to statement of reasons  


           Division 3.11.1--Legal profession—general

   3600.   Definitions—pt 3.11  
   3601.   Terms used in Legal Profession Act  
   3602.   Application—pt 3.11  

           Division 3.11.2--Admission of local lawyers

   3605.   Admission—approved academic qualifications (Legal Profession Act, s 21 (5))  
   3606.   Admission—approved practical legal training requirements (Legal Profession Act, s 21  
   3607.   Admission—evidence of completion of courses  
   3608.   Admission—application for admission  
   3609.   Admission—when application must be made  
   3610.   Admission—compliance certificate (Legal Profession Act, s 30 (2))  
   3611.   Admission—objection by bar council or law society council  
   3612.   Admission—appearance by bar council or law society council  
   3613.   Admission—applicant's duty of frankness  
   3614.   Admission—entry on local roll  



           Division 4.1.1--Criminal proceedings—application of ch 2

   4000.   Criminal proceedings—application of expert witness code of  

           Division 4.1.2--Criminal proceedings—service

   4005.   Meaning of accused person for div 4.1.2—bail  
   4006.   Criminal proceedings—application of pt 6.8  
   4007.   Criminal proceedings—service on accused person by filing if no address for  
   4008.   Criminal proceedings—service if no-one found at accused person's address for  
   4009.   Criminal proceedings—service of documents when unrepresented accused person in  

           Division 4.1.3--Criminal proceedings—enforcement

   4020.   Criminal proceedings—failure of individual to comply with subpoena  
   4021.   Criminal proceedings—failure of corporation to comply with subpoena  

           Division 4.1.4--Criminal proceedings—other provisions

   4050.   Criminal proceedings—production of person in custody  
   4051.   Criminal proceedings—defence response to prosecutor's opening  
   4052.   Criminal proceedings—execution of documents  
   4053.   Criminal proceedings—inspection of registry files  
   4054.   Criminal proceedings—certificate of conviction  
   4055.   Criminal proceedings—preparation of judgments  


           Division 4.2.1--Magistrates Court criminal proceedings—preliminary

   4300.   Definitions—pt 4.2  
   4301.   Application—pt 4.2  

           Division 4.2.2--Magistrates Court criminal proceedings—setting aside orders

   4310.   Magistrates Court order made in absence of party may be set  
   4311.   Magistrates Court order made in absence of defendant may be set aside—summons for  
   4312.   Magistrates Court order made in absence of party may be set aside—other  
   4313.   Magistrates Court conviction made in absence of party set aside—warrant may be set  
   4314.   Magistrates Court conviction made in absence of party set  
   4315.   Magistrates Court order made in absence of party may be set aside—application by  

           Division 4.2.3--Magistrates Court criminal proceedings—witnesses

   4330.   Magistrates Court witness—expenses  


           Division 4.3.1--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—preliminary

   4700.   Definitions—pt 4.3  
   4701.   Application—pt 4.3  

           Division 4.3.2--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—representation

   4705.   Meaning of criminal proceeding—div 4.3.2  
   4706.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—notice of solicitor acting  
   4707.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—change of solicitor  
   4708.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—removal of solicitor by  
   4709.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—solicitor removed from roll  
   4710.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—solicitor's instructions to act for  
   4711.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—withdrawal of solicitor  
   4712.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—handing over depositions  

           Division 4.3.3--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—bail

   4720.   Meaning of accused person—div 4.3.3  
   4721.   Supreme Court bail application in relation to accused person  
   4722.   Supreme Court bail application by informant  

           Division 4.3.4--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—pre-trial procedure

   4730.   Application—div 4.3.4  
   4731.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—appearance of accused  
   4732.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—appearance when committed for  
   4733.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—appearance when committed for  
   4734.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—pre-trial questionnaire  
   4735.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—pre-arraignment conference  
   4736.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—arraignment  
   4737.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—pre-trial directions  

           Division 4.3.5--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—pre-trial applications

   4750.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—application to set aside or stay  
   4751.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—application for separate  
   4752.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—other pre-trial  
   4753.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—applications under r 4750, r 4751 and r  

           Division 4.3.6--Supreme Court criminal proceedings—other provisions

   4780.   Supreme Court criminal proceedings—arraignment dates  



   5000.   Definitions—ch 5  
   5001.   Appellate proceedings—application of ch 2 generally  


   5010.   Definitions—pt 5.2  
   5011.   Application—pt 5.2  
   5012.   Appeals from master or registrar—starting appeal  
   5013.   Appeals from master or registrar—requirements for notice of  
   5014.   Appeals from master or registrar—time for filing notice of  
   5015.   Appeals from master or registrar—notice of appeal to be  
   5016.   Appeals from master or registrar—serving notice of appeal  
   5017.   Appeals from master or registrar—stay and reinstatement  


           Division 5.3.1--Appeals to Supreme Court—preliminary

   5050.   Definitions—pt 5.3  
   5051.   Application—pt 5.3  
   5052.   Appeals to Supreme Court—general powers  
   5053.   Appeals to Supreme Court—non-publication order  
   5054.   Appeals to Supreme Court—stay and reinstatement  
   5055.   Appeals to Supreme Court—security for costs  

           Division 5.3.2--Appeals to Supreme Court—leave to appeal

   5070.   Application—div 5.3.2  
   5071.   Appeals to Supreme Court—application for leave to appeal  
   5072.   Appeals to Supreme Court—time for filing application for leave to  
   5073.   Appeals to Supreme Court—application for leave to appeal to be sealed  
   5074.   Appeals to Supreme Court—serving application for leave to  
   5075.   Appeals to Supreme Court—notice of intention to respond to application for leave  
   5076.   Appeals to Supreme Court—time for filing etc respondent's affidavits for  

           Division 5.3.3--Appeals to Supreme Court—leave to appeal out of time

   5080.   Meaning of out of time—div 5.3.3  
   5081.   Application—div 5.3.3  
   5082.   Appeals to Supreme Court—application for leave to appeal out of  
   5083.   Appeals to Supreme Court—filing application for leave to appeal out of  
   5084.   Appeals to Supreme Court—application for leave to appeal out of time to be sealed  
   5085.   Appeals to Supreme Court—serving application for leave to appeal out of time  
   5086.   Appeals to Supreme Court—notice of intention to respond to application for leave  
   5087.   Appeals to Supreme Court—time for filing etc respondent's affidavits for  

           Division 5.3.4--Appeals to Supreme Court—procedure generally

   5100.   Appeals to Supreme Court—starting appeal  
   5101.   Appeals to Supreme Court—requirements for notice of appeal  
   5102.   Appeals to Supreme Court—parties to appeal  
   5103.   Appeals to Supreme Court—time for filing notice of appeal  
   5104.   Appeals to Supreme Court—notice of appeal to be sealed  
   5105.   Appeals to Supreme Court—numbering etc of appeals  
   5106.   Appeals to Supreme Court—date for settlement of appeal papers  
   5107.   Appeals to Supreme Court—serving notice of appeal  
   5108.   Appeals to Supreme Court—notice of intention to respond  
   5109.   Appeals to Supreme Court—respondent taken to be served by filing notice of  
   5110.   Appeals to Supreme Court—documents  
   5111.   Appeals to Supreme Court—amending notice of appeal  
   5112.   Appeals to Supreme Court—cross-appeal  
   5113.   Appeals to Supreme Court—application of certain rules to  
   5114.   Appeals to Supreme Court—effect of failure to give notice of  
   5115.   Appeals to Supreme Court—notice of contention  

           Division 5.3.5--Appeals to Supreme Court—appeal papers and hearing

   5130.   Appeals to Supreme Court—draft index of appeal papers  
   5131.   Appeals to Supreme Court—settlement of appeal papers  
   5132.   Appeals to Supreme Court—content of appeal papers  
   5133.   Appeals to Supreme Court—presentation of appeal papers  
   5134.   Appeals to Supreme Court—filing and serving appeal papers  
   5135.   Appeals to Supreme Court—setting appeal for hearing  
   5136.   Appeals to Supreme Court—changing appeal hearing date  
   5137.   Appeals to Supreme Court—written summary and list for appeal  
   5138.   Appeals to Supreme Court—summaries of arguments  
   5139.   Appeals to Supreme Court—list of authorities, legislation and  
   5140.   Appeals to Supreme Court—absence of party  
   5141.   Appeals to Supreme Court—insufficient material  

           Division 5.3.6--Appeals to Supreme Court—ending all or part of appeal

   5170.   Appeals to Supreme Court—abandonment of ground of appeal  
   5171.   Appeals to Supreme Court—discontinuance of appeal  
   5172.   Appeals to Supreme Court—competency of appeal  
   5173.   Appeals to Supreme Court—costs for failure to apply for appeal to be struck out as  
   5174.   Appeals to Supreme Court—dismissal by consent  
   5175.   Appeals to Supreme Court—consent orders  

           Division 5.3.7--Appeals to Supreme Court—miscellaneous

   5190.   Appeals to Supreme Court—directions about appeal etc  
   5191.   Appeals to Supreme Court—want of prosecution of appeal  
   5192.   Appeals to Supreme Court—matter happening in court or tribunal appealed  
   5193.   Further evidence on appeal to Supreme Court—Magistrates Court Act 1930, s  
   5194.    Appeals to Supreme Court—keeping exhibits  


           Division 5.4.1--Appeals to Court of Appeal—preliminary

   5300.   Meaning of court—pt 5.4  
   5301.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—stay and reinstatement  
   5302.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—security for costs  

           Division 5.4.2--Appeals to Court of Appeal—leave to appeal from interlocutory judgments

   5310.   Application—div 5.4.2  
   5311.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal  
   5312.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—time for filing application for leave to  
   5313.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal to be sealed  
   5314.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—serving application for leave to  
   5315.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of intention to respond to application for leave  
   5316.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—time for filing etc respondent's affidavits for  

           Division 5.4.3--Appeals to Court of Appeal—leave to appeal out of time from final judgments

   5330.   Definitions—div 5.4.3  
   5331.   Application—div 5.4.3  
   5332.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal out of  
   5333.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—filing application for leave to appeal out of  
   5334.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal out of time to be sealed  
   5335.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—serving application for leave to appeal out of time  
   5336.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of intention to respond to application for leave  
   5337.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—time for filing etc respondent's affidavits for  

           Division 5.4.4--Appeals to Court of Appeal—procedure generally

   5400.   Definitions—divs 5.4.4 to 5.4.6  
   5401.   Application—divs 5.4.4 to 5.4.6  
   5402.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—starting appeal  
   5403.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—requirements for notice of appeal  
   5404.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—parties to appeal  
   5405.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—time for filing notice of appeal  
   5406.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of appeal to be sealed  
   5407.   Appeals to Court of Appeal——numbering etc of appeals  
   5408.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—date for settlement of appeal  
   5409.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—serving notice of appeal  
   5410.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of intention to respond  
   5411.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—respondent taken to be served by filing notice of intention to respond  
   5412.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—amending notice of appeal  
   5413.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—cross-appeal  
   5414.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application of certain rules to  
   5415.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—effect of failure to give notice of  
   5416.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of contention  

           Division 5.4.5--Appeals to Court of Appeal—appeal papers and hearing

   5430.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—filing of things before settlement of appeal  
   5431.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—draft index of appeal papers  
   5432.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—settlement of appeal papers  
   5433.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—content of appeal papers  
   5434.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—presentation of appeal papers  
   5435.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—filing and serving appeal papers  
   5436.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—setting appeal for hearing  
   5437.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—changing appeal hearing date  
   5438.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—written summary and list for appeal  
   5439.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—summaries of arguments  
   5440.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—list of authorities, legislation and  
   5441.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—absence of party  
   5442.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—insufficient material  

           Division 5.4.6--Appeals to Court of Appeal—ending all or part of appeal

   5470.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—abandonment of ground of appeal  
   5471.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—discontinuance of appeal  
   5472.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—competency of appeal  
   5473.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—costs for failure to apply for appeal to be struck out  
   5474.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—dismissal by consent  
   5475.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—consent orders  

           Division 5.4.7--Appeals to Court of Appeal—convictions and sentences

              Subdivision to Court of Appeal—convictions and sentences

   5500.   Definitions—div 5.4.7  

              Subdivision to Court of Appeal—leave to appeal out of time by
              convicted person

   5505.   Application—sdiv  
   5506.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal out of time against  
   5507.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—application for leave to appeal out of time against  
   5508.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—serving application for leave to appeal out of time  
   5509.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—response by DPP to application for leave to appeal out  
   5510.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—registrar's decision on application for leave to  

              Subdivision to Court of Appeal—leave to appeal out of time by

   5520.   Application of div 5.4.3 to certain appeals by DPP  

              Subdivision to Court of Appeal—convictions and sentences

   5530.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—treating application for leave to appeal out of time  
   5531.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—grounds of appeal against conviction or  
   5532.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—trial judge's report for appeal against  
   5533.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—service if convicted person in custody and  
   5534.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—written case and presence if convicted person  
   5535.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—order for production of prisoner  
   5536.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—fine paid to be kept pending  
   5537.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—solicitor's instructions to act for convicted  
   5538.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—solicitor wants to withdraw from acting for convicted  
   5539.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—notification of result of appeal against conviction  

           Division 5.4.8--Appeals to Court of Appeal—miscellaneous

   5600.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—power to amend proceedings in court  
   5601.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—expediting appeals etc  
   5602.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—directions about appeal etc  
   5603.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—want of prosecution of appeal  
   5604.   When Court of Appeal may be constituted by single judge—Supreme Court Act 1933,  
   5605.   Jurisdiction of Court of Appeal that may be exercised by single judge—Supreme Court Act  
   5606.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—further evidence on appeal  
   5607.   Appeals to Court of Appeal—keeping exhibits  


   5700.   Meaning of review order—pt 5.5  
   5701.   Review orders—application for order  
   5702.   Review orders—affidavits  
   5703.   Review orders—service of applications  
   5704.   Review orders—parties  
   5705.   Review orders—service of review order  
   5706.   Review orders—notice of intention to respond to review order  
   5707.   Review orders—security for costs  
   5708.   Review orders—stay  
   5709.   Review orders—non-appearance of applicant  
   5710.   Review orders—application to revoke review order  


           Division 5.6.1--Reference appeals—Supreme Court

   5750.   Definitions—div 5.6.1  
   5751.   Reference appeals to Supreme Court—application for reference  
   5752.   Reference appeals to Supreme Court—service of application etc for reference  
   5753.   Reference appeals to Supreme Court—notice of intention to respond by interested  
   5754.   Reference appeals to Supreme Court—discontinuance of reference  
   5755.   Reference appeals to Supreme Court—application of certain rules to reference  

           Division 5.6.2--Reference appeals—Court of Appeal

   5770.   Definitions—div 5.6.2  
   5771.   Reference appeals to Court of Appeal—application for reference  
   5772.   Reference appeals to Court of Appeal—service of application etc for reference  
   5773.   Reference appeals to Court of Appeal—notice of intention to respond by interested  
   5774.   Reference appeals to Court of Appeal—discontinuance of reference  
   5775.   Reference appeals to Court of Appeal—application of certain rules to reference  


           Division 5.7.1--Questions referred—Supreme Court

   5800.   Application—div 5.7.1  
   5801.   Definitions—div 5.7.1  
   5802.   Question referred to Supreme Court—form  
   5803.   Special case to Supreme Court—preparation and settling  
   5804.   Special case to Supreme Court—person with legal disability  
   5805.   Special case to Supreme Court—directions hearing  
   5806.   Special case to Supreme Court—setting down for hearing  
   5807.   Special case to Supreme Court—insufficient statement of case  
   5808.   Special case to Supreme Court—court can draw inferences  
   5809.   Special case to Supreme Court—agreement about damages and  

           Division 5.7.2--Questions referred—Court of Appeal

   5830.   Application—div 5.7.2  
   5831.   Definitions—div 5.7.2  
   5832.   Question referred to Court of Appeal—form  
   5833.   Special case to Court of Appeal—preparation and settling  
   5834.   Special case to Court of Appeal—setting down for hearing  
   5835.   Special case to Court of Appeal—court can draw inferences  
   5836.   Special case to Court of Appeal—agreement about damages and  


   5850.   Definitions—pt 5.8  
   5851.   Application of pt 5.8 to div 5.6.1 etc  
   5852.   Written cases—when used  
   5853.   Written cases—appellant wants written case  
   5854.   Written cases—respondent wants written case  
   5855.   Written cases—filing etc written case for application  
   5856.   Written cases—filing etc written case for appeal  
   5857.   Written cases—form  
   5858.   Written cases—inspection  



   6000.   Application—ch 6  


   6005.   Definitions—pt 6.2  
   6006.   Application—pt 6.2  
   6007.   Application in proceeding—contents  
   6008.   Application in proceeding—filing and service  
   6009.   Application in proceeding—filing and service of supporting  
   6010.   Application in proceeding—absence of party  
   6011.   Application in proceeding—dismissal or adjournment if application not served  
   6012.   Application in proceeding—adjournment generally  
   6013.   Application in proceeding—adjournment without attendance  
   6014.   Application in proceeding—further hearing  
   6015.   Application in proceeding—application under r 40  
   6016.   Application in proceeding—oral application  


           Division 6.3.1--General provisions about documents for filing

   6100.   Application—div 6.3.1  
   6101.   Documents—compliance with approved form  
   6102.   Documents—general heading style  
   6103.   Documents—layout etc  
   6104.   Documents—use of copies  
   6105.   Documents—use of figures  
   6106.   Documents—signing  
   6107.   Documents—alterations  

           Division 6.3.2--Filing documents

   6120.   Filing documents—number of copies  
   6121.   How documents may be filed  
   6122.   Filing documents personally  
   6123.   Filing documents by post  
   6124.   Filing documents by document exchange  
   6125.   Practice notes about filing  
   6126.   Date of filing  

           Division 6.3.3--Rejecting filed documents

   6140.   Rejecting documents—noncompliance with rules etc  
   6141.   Rejecting documents—inconvenient address for service  
   6142.   Rejecting documents—abuse of process etc  
   6143.   Rejecting document—registrar to give notice etc  
   6144.   Rejecting document—costs  
   6145.   Filed documents initially rejected  


   6200.   Jurisdiction exercisable by master  
   6201.   Order that jurisdiction in proceeding be exercised by judge instead of  
   6202.   Master referring proceeding or issue to judge  


   6250.   Jurisdiction exercisable by registrar of Supreme Court  
   6252.   Registrar's powers—postponement of hearing  
   6253.   Registrar's powers—subpoenas  
   6254.   Order that jurisdiction in proceeding be exercised by judicial officer other than  
   6255.   Registrar referring proceeding or issue to judicial officer  
   6256.   Appeals from registrar's orders etc  


   6300.   Office hours  
   6301.   Registrar's duties  
   6302.   Cause book  
   6303.   Registrar to keep seals  
   6304.   Documents—sealing and stamping  
   6305.   Issue of commissions  
   6306.   Duplicate sealed etc documents  
   6307.   Delegation by registrar  

   PART 6.7--TIME

   6350.   Time—certain days excluded in working out  
   6351.   Time—extending and shortening by court order  
   6352.   Time—fixing by court order  


           Division 6.8.1--Service—preliminary

   6400.   Application—pt 6.8  
   6401.   Service of filed documents  

           Division 6.8.2--Personal service

   6405.   How document is personally served  

           Division 6.8.3--Service—Magistrates Court

   6410.   Application—div 6.8.3  
   6411.   Service on individuals generally—Magistrates Court  
   6412.   Service of originating process by post—Magistrates Court  
   6413.   Doubtful service—Magistrates Court  

           Division 6.8.4--Ordinary service

   6420.   Ordinary service—address for service  
   6421.   Service by filing  

           Division 6.8.5--Service—particular cases

   6430.   Service in Australia but outside ACT  
   6431.   Service on corporations—generally  
   6432.   Service on corporations—additional ways for all corporations  
   6433.   Service of originating process on partnership  
   6434.   Service on defendant operating under unregistered business name  
   6435.   Service on children  
   6436.   Service on people with mental disabilities  
   6437.   Service on detainees  
   6438.   Service if no-one found at party's address for service  
   6439.   Service of originating application to recover unoccupied land  

           Division 6.8.6--Time of service

   6450.   Time of service at address for service  

           Division 6.8.7--Service—other

   6460.   Substituted service  
   6461.   Informal service  
   6462.   Service on agent  
   6463.   Service under contract  
   6464.   Acceptance of service by solicitor  
   6465.   Special requirements for service by fax  
   6466.   Email service—other matters  
   6467.   Proof of service  
   6468.   Identity of person served  
   6469.   Change of address for service  

           Division 6.8.8--Service of subpoenas and notices instead of subpoenas—general

   6480.   Subpoena—service on solicitor  
   6481.   Subpoena—service on medical expert  
   6482.   Medical expert—notice instead of subpoena  
   6483.   Medical expert—no shortening of time for service of notice  

           Division 6.8.9--Service outside Australia—general

   6500.   Definitions—div 6.8.9  
   6501.   Service outside Australia—service of originating process without  
   6502.   Service outside Australia—counterclaim or third-party notice  
   6503.   Service outside Australia—setting aside service of originating process  
   6504.   Service outside Australia—service of other documents in  
   6505.   Service outside Australia—leave for service  
   6506.   Service outside Australia—confirmation of service of other documents in  
   6507.   Service outside Australia—directions etc  
   6508.   Service outside Australia—leave to proceed against defendant  
   6509.   Service outside Australia—how service is made  
   6510.   Service outside Australia—service in convention countries  
   6511.   Service outside Australia—service in non-convention countries  
   6512.   Service outside Australia—other orders  

           Division 6.8.10--Service of subpoenas in New Zealand

   6520.   Application—div 6.8.10  
   6521.   Terms used in Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Act  
   6522.   Application for leave to serve subpoena in New Zealand  
   6523.   Supporting affidavit—application for leave to serve subpoena in New  
   6524.   Application for leave to serve subpoena in New Zealand need not be served  
   6525.   Undertaking about paying loss or expense in complying with subpoena served in New  
   6526.   Setting aside subpoena for service in New Zealand  
   6527.   Noncompliance with subpoena served in New Zealand  

           Division 6.8.11--Service of foreign legal process in the ACT

   6540.   Letter of request from foreign tribunal—procedure  
   6541.   Orders for substituted service etc for div 6.8.11  
   6542.   Noncompliance with div 6.8.11  


   6600.   Definitions—pt 6.9  
   6601.   Issuing subpoena  
   6602.   Form of subpoena  
   6603.   Subpoena to produce—leave to serve late  
   6604.   Setting aside subpoena or other relief  
   6605.   Service of subpoena  
   6606.   Compliance with subpoena  
   6607.   Production of subpoenaed document etc otherwise than on attendance  
   6608.   Removal, return, inspection etc of subpoenaed documents and things  
   6609.   Inspection of, and dealing with, subpoenaed documents and things produced otherwise than on  
   6610.   Disposal of subpoenaed documents and things produced  
   6611.   Costs and expenses of compliance with subpoena  
   6612.   Failure to comply with subpoena—contempt of court  
   6613.   Documents and things in custody of court  
   6614.   Application of pt 6.9—subpoena under Commercial Arbitration Act  


           Division 6.10.1--General—pt 6.10

   6700.   Way evidence given—civil proceedings  
   6701.   Evidence on affidavit by agreement—civil proceedings  
   6702.   Evidence in another civil proceeding etc  
   6703.   Evidence by telephone etc  
   6704.   Plans, photographs, video or audio recordings and models  

           Division 6.10.2--Affidavits

   6710.   Affidavit—form  
   6711.   Affidavit—contents  
   6712.   Affidavit—annexures and exhibits  
   6713.   Affidavit—document included in  
   6714.   Affidavit—when may be taken  
   6715.   Affidavit—taking of  
   6716.   Affidavit—certificate of reading or signature for person making  
   6717.   Affidavit—alterations in  
   6718.   Affidavit—filing and service  
   6719.   Affidavit—irregular in form  
   6720.   Affidavit—scandalous matter etc  
   6721.   Affidavit—cross-examination of maker  
   6722.   Affidavit—taken before party  

           Division 6.10.3--Exchange of correspondence before making application in proceeding

   6740.   Definitions—div 6.10.3  
   6741.   Application—div 6.10.3  
   6742.   Applicant's letter to respondent  
   6743.   Respondent's reply to applicant's letter  
   6744.   Applicant and respondent—additional correspondence  
   6745.   Div 6.10.3 application—making application  
   6746.   Div 6.10.3 application—hearing  

           Division 6.10.4--Notices under Commonwealth Evidence Act

   6750.   Evidence of previous representation notice  
   6751.   Objection to hearsay evidence notice—civil proceedings  
   6752.   Tendency evidence notice  
   6753.   Coincidence evidence notice  

           Division 6.10.5--Exhibits, documents and things

   6760.   Meaning of subpoenaed document or thing—div 6.10.5  
   6761.   Registrar to keep record of proceeding  
   6762.   Custody of exhibits after proceeding  
   6763.   Duty of parties to claim exhibits  
   6764.   Return of subpoenaed document or thing  
   6765.   Requirement to give or send exhibit  
   6766.   Disposal of exhibits  
   6767.   Power to allow removal of exhibits etc  

           Division 6.10.6--Taking evidence at trial from outside ACT but in Australia by audiovisual link or audio link

   6800.   Application for direction under Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, s  
   6801.   Directions for Evidence (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, s 20  

           Division 6.10.7--Taking evidence from New Zealand by video link or telephone

   6805.   Terms used in Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Act  
   6806.   Application for direction under Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Act, s  
   6807.   Directions for Evidence and Procedure (New Zealand) Act, s 25  

           Division 6.10.8--Taking evidence otherwise than at trial

   6810.   Definitions—div 6.10.8  
   6811.   Effect of court directions for examination order  
   6812.   Application of div 6.10.8 to letter of request  
   6813.   Order for taking evidence otherwise than at trial  
   6814.   When examination order may be made  
   6815.   Application for examination order  
   6816.   Appointment of examiner  
   6817.   Documents for examiner  
   6818.   Time and place of examination etc  
   6819.   Conduct of examination  
   6820.   Examination of additional people  
   6821.   Objections by party or person being examined  
   6822.   Recording evidence of examination  
   6823.   Authentication and filing of deposition of examination etc  
   6824.   Special report on examination  
   6825.   Default of witness at examination  
   6826.   Costs of examination  
   6827.   Witness expenses for witness at examination  
   6828.   Admissibility of deposition of examination  
   6829.   Letter of request  
   6830.   Use of evidence taken in examination  
   6831.   Use of evidence taken in an examination—subsequent  
   6832.   Amendment and revocation of examination orders  
   6833.   Exclusion of evidence in criminal proceeding  

           Division 6.10.9--Taking evidence for Australian and foreign courts and tribunals

   6840.   Definitions—div 6.10.9  
   6841.   Application—div 6.10.9  
   6842.   Application for div 6.10.9 order  
   6843.   Order relating to taking evidence for Australian or foreign court or  
   6844.   Div 6.10.9 order for criminal proceeding  
   6845.   Appointment of examiner for div 6.10.9  
   6846.   Attendance by div 6.10.9 order applicant at examination  
   6847.   Procedure for taking evidence under div 6.10.9 order  
   6848.   Keeping of exhibits at div 6.10.9 examination  
   6849.   Certificate of order and depositions—div 6.10.9 examination  
   6850.   Privilege of witnesses—div 6.10.9 examination  
   6851.   Privilege of witnesses—unsupported claim etc for div 6.10.9  


   6900.   Power to make orders  
   6901.   Orders may be made on conditions  
   6902.   Leave may be given on conditions  
   6903.   References to court acting on its own initiative  
   6904.   Mandatory order to registrar etc  
   6905.   Notices must be written  
   6906.   Mistakes in orders or court certificates  
   6907.   Power to make practice notes  



   7000.   Transitional—existing proceedings in Supreme Court on 1 July 2006  
   7001.   Transitional—approved forms for Supreme Court  
   7002.   Transitional—construction of outdated references to Supreme Court rules etc  


   7010.   Transitional—application of old Magistrates Court rules to proceedings until 1 January  
   7011.   Transitional—existing proceedings in Magistrates Court on 1 January 2007  
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           SCHEDULE 2
           SCHEDULE 3
           SCHEDULE 4
           SCHEDULE 5
           SCHEDULE 6

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