Australian Capital Territory Numbered Regulations

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New part 4.3A


Part 4.3A     Authorisation to supply certain medicines without prescription—continued dispensing

255     Authorisation to supply certain medicines without prescription by approved pharmacist––Act, s 185 (1) (g)

An approved pharmacist is authorised to supply a medicine to a person without prescription if––

        (a)     the medicine is listed as a pharmaceutical benefit under a continued dispensing determination; and

        (b)     the pharmacist supplies the medicine to the person in accordance with the determination.

256     Labelling certain medicines supplied without prescription by approved pharmacist––Act, s 185 (1) (j)

The medicine supplied to a person under section 255 must have a label that includes the following:

        (a)     the name of the person to whom the medicine is supplied;

        (b)     the date the medicine is supplied;

        (c)     the name, business address and telephone number of the pharmacy from which the medicine is supplied;

        (d)     the initials or other identification of the pharmacist supplying the medicine;

        (e)     the medicine's approved name and brand name;

Note     Approved name –– see the medicines and poisons standard

, par 1 (1).

        (f)     the form, strength and quantity of the medicine;

        (g)     if the package of the supplied medicine is not a manufacturer's pack—the relevant expiry date for the medicine;

        (h)     a number that is different from the number given to any prescription dispensed at the pharmacy;

              (i)     directions about the use of the medicine that are adequate to allow the medicine to be taken or administered safely, including any warning statement in the medicines and poisons standard, appendix K (Drugs required to be labelled with a sedation warning) applying to the medicine;

        (j)     words to the effect of ‘keep out of reach of children'.

Example—pars (e) and (f)

Microlut 28 tablets (Levonorgestrel)     30mcg     3

Note     An example is part of the regulation, is not exhaustive and may extend, but does not limit, the meaning of the provision in which it appears (see Legislation Act

, s 126 and s 132).

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