Australian Capital Territory Numbered Regulations

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- made under the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Act 1999


   1.      Name of regulations  
   2.       Commencement  
   3.      Definitions—the dictionary (NSW cl 3 (1) and (4))  
   4.      Notes (NSW cl 4)  


   5.      What are the Australian Road Rules (NSW cl 5)  
   6.      Incorporation of Australian Road Rules into ACT law (NSW cl 6)  


           Division 2.2.1--—General

   7.      References to another law of this jurisdiction etc (NSW cl 10)  

           Division 2.2.2--—Other provisions for the Australian Road Rules

   8.      ARR r 10 (2)—penalties for offences (NSW cl 37)  
   9.      ARR r 95—emergency stopping lane only signs (NSW cl 11)  
   10.     ARR r 104—no truck signs (NSW cl 12)  
   11.     ARR r 151 (3) (b)—riding a motorbike or bicycle alongside more than 1 other rider  
   12.     ARR r 158 (2) (c)—vehicles permitted to travel in bus lanes (NSW cl 15)  
   13.     ARR r 179 (1) (c)—stopping in a loading zone (NSW cl 17)  
   14.     ARR r 199 (2)—stopping near a postbox (NSW dict, pt 2)  
   15.     ARR r 206 (2) (b) and (c)—parking by people with disabilities permit holders (NSW cl 21, cl 126)  
   16.     ARR r 207 (2) (a)—fees for parking in pay parking spaces (NSW cl 22)  
   17.     ARR r 215 (4)—lights required to be fitted to a vehicle  
   18.     ARR r 216 (3)—towing a vehicle at night or in hazardous weather conditions (NSW dict, pt 2)  
   19.     ARR r 220 (3)—using lights on vehicles that are stopped  
   20.     ARR r 221 (f)—using hazard warning lights on buses carrying children  
   21.     ARR r 222—using warning lights on buses carrying children  
   22.     ARR r 225—use of radar detectors (NSW cl 23)  
   23.     ARR r 240 (2)—wheeled recreational devices and toys not to be used on certain roads (NSW cl 25)  
   24.     ARR r 266 (7)—wearing of seatbelts by passengers under 16 years old (NSW dict, pt 2)  
   25.     ARR r 267 (3)—certificates of exemption from wearing seatbelts (NSW cl 27)  
   26.     ARR r 270 (3)—wearing motorbike helmets (NSW dict, pt 2)  
   27.     ARR r 271 (6)—riding on motorbikes (NSW cl 29)  
   28.     ARR r 287 (3) (e) and (4)—duties of participants in crashes (NSW cl 30)  
   29.     ARR r 289 (1) (g)—driving on a nature strip (NSW cl 31)  
   30.     ARR r 298—driving with a person in or on a trailer  
   31.     ARR r 310 (3), (4)—exemption for road workers etc  
   32.     ARR r 313—postal workers (NSW cl 32)  
   33.     ARR dict—definitions for dictionary (NSW dict, pt 2)  

           Division 2.2.3--—Offences against the Australian Road Rules

   34.     Application of Criminal Code (Cwlth) (NSW cl 33)  
   35.     Offences are strict liability offences (NSW cl 34)  
   36.     General defence of accident or reasonable effort (NSW cl 35)  


           Division 2.3.1--—Noise and other nuisances

   37.     Making unnecessary engine noise (NSW cl 42)  
   38.     Emission of waste oil or grease (NSW cl 43)  

           Division 2.3.2--—Driver and passenger safety

   39.     Safety of persons on trailers (NSW cl 45)  
   40.     Passengers in sidecars to be seated (NSW cl 47)  

           Division 2.3.3--—Trailers and towing

   41.     Number of vehicles that may be drawn (NSW cl 48)  
   42.     Towing by vehicles under 4.5t (NSW cl 49)  

           Division 2.3.4--—Lights on vehicles

   43.     Lights on motor vehicles generally (NSW cl 55)  

           Division 2.3.5--—Stopping and parking

   44.     Use of meters in metered parking areas (NSW cl 61, MTA s 163F)  
   45.     Parking in metered parking spaces (NSW cl 62, MTA s 163D)  
   46.     Temporary closure of metered parking spaces (NSW cl 63, MTA s 163M)  
   47.     Misuse of parking meters (NSW cl 64, MTA s 163H (1), 163J (b), 163K)  
   48.     Interfering with parking meters etc (NSW cl 65, MTA s 163H (2))  
   49.     Use of tickets in ticket parking areas (NSW cl 66, MTA s 163E)  
   50.     Parking in ticket parking spaces (NSW cl 67, MTA s 163D)  
   51.     Temporary closure of ticket parking spaces (NSW cl 68)  
   52.     Use of false or damaged parking tickets etc (NSW cl 69)  
   53.     Misuse of ticket machines (NSW cl 70, MTA s 163H (1), 163J (a), 163K)  
   54.     Interfering with parking ticket machines etc (MTA s 163H (2))  
   55.     Removing parking tickets etc (MTA s 163G)  
   56.     Unauthorised use and revocation of mobility parking scheme authorities (NSW cl 80)  
   57.     No stopping on a road with a red kerb  
   58.     Stopping in an emergency etc or to comply with another law (ARR r 165)  

           Division 2.3.6--—Miscellaneous other road rules

   59.     Carriage of dangerous goods (NSW cl 59, MTA s 133B)  
   60.     Interrupting funeral processions etc (NSW cl 84)  
   61.     Driving on roads closed to traffic (NSW cl 86)  
   62.     Use of wheeled recreational devices and wheeled toys on roads (NSW cl 88)  


   63.     Devices that are prescribed traffic control devices (NSW cl 131)  
   64.     Preventing prescribed traffic control devices being clearly visible (NSW cl 132 (1)-(2))  
   65.     Use of do not overtake turning vehicle sign (NSW cl 132 (3))  
   66.     Approvals etc by road transport authority  
   67.     Exemption from requirement about riding on motorbikes  
   68.     Defence of complying with direction of police officer or authorised person (MTA s 139)  
   69.     Exemption for driver of police vehicles (NSW cl 161)  
   70.     Exemption for driver of emergency vehicles (NSW cl 161)  
   71.     Stopping and parking exemption for police and emergency vehicles and authorised persons (NSW cl 161)  


           Division 3.1.1--—Metered parking schemes

   72.     Metered parking schemes (NSW cl 97 (1)-(5))  
   73.     Metered parking areas (NSW cl 98)  
   74.     Parking meters (NSW cl 97 (6), 99)  
   75.     Metered parking spaces (NSW cl 100)  

           Division 3.1.2--—Ticket parking schemes

   76.     Ticket parking schemes (NSW cl 101)  
   77.     Ticket parking areas (NSW cl 102)  
   78.     Ticket parking spaces (NSW cl 103)  
   79.     Ticket machines (NSW cl 104)  
   80.     Parking tickets (NSW cl 105)  
   81.     Duration of parking tickets (NSW cl 106)  

           Division 3.1.3--—Heavy vehicle parking

   82.     Definitions for div 3.1.3 (MTA s 150F (1))  
   83.     References in div to land adjoining residential land (MTA s 150F (2))  
   84.     Vehicle parked partly on residential land (MTA s 150F (3))  
   85.     Parking of certain vehicles on residential land prohibited (MTA s 150G)  
   86.     Parking of certain vehicles on land adjoining residential land prohibited (MTA s 150H)  
   87.     Parking of certain commercial vehicles on land with multi-unit developments (MTA s 150J)  
   88.     Daily infringement (MTA s 150K)  
   89.     Codes of practice (MTA ss 150M-150N)  
   90.     Notice of codes of practice etc (MTA s 150P)  
   91.     Application for exemption (MTA s 150S)  
   92.     Decision on application for exemption (MTA ss 150T, 150V)  
   93.     Endorsement of certificates (MTA ss 150V-150W)  
   94.     Variation of conditions of exemptions (MTA s 150X)  
   95.     Additional information by applicant (MTA s 150Y)  
   96.     Loss etc of existing operator's certificate (MTA s 150Z)  
   97.     Cancellation of existing operator's certificate etc (MTA ss 150ZA-150ZB)  

           Division 3.1.4--—Miscellaneous

   98.     Overlapping schemes (NSW cl 115)  
   99.     Trailers not separately chargeable (NSW cl 118)  


   100.    Parking permits (NSW cl 124)  
   101.    Mobility parking scheme authorities (NSW cl 125)  
   102.    Definitions for ch 4 (MTR reg 26P)  
   103.    Approved traffic offence detection devices (MTR reg 26Q)  
   104.    Major testing of traffic offence detection devices (MTR reg 26R)  
   105.    Use of traffic offence detection devices (MTR reg 26T)  
   106.    Approved people—testing and sealing (MTR reg 26U)  
   107.    Approved people—use (MTR reg 26W)  
   108.    Meaning of codes on images (MTR reg 26X)  
   109.    Additional powers of police (NSW cl 75)  
   110.    Prohibition on car minding (NSW cl 89)  
   111.    Removal of unattended vehicles from certain places (NSW cl 155 (1))  
   112.    Disposal of impounded or forfeited vehicles (NSW (Gen) cl 15)  
   113.    Responsible person to inspect driver licence (NSW cl 90, MTA s 167)  
   114.    Responsible person's consent (NSW cl 91)  
   115.    Application of Criminal Code (Cwlth) to regulations (NSW cl 33)  
   116.    Offences against regulations are strict liability offences (NSW cl 34)  
   117.    General defence of accident or reasonable effort (NSW cl 35)  


   118.    Existing Class A and Class B parking spaces  
   119.    Existing parking labels  
   120.    Existing disability labels  
   121.    Existing codes of practice  
   122.    Existing exemptions  
   123.    Existing applications for exemptions and variation of conditions  
   124.    Existing notices to show cause  


   125.    Existing tests and certificates  
   126.    Existing approved people—use  


   127.    Existing medical certificate about seatbelts  
   128.    Expiry of ch 6  

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