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- made under the Road Transport (General) Act 1999

    DICTIONARY     (See reg 3)

"Australian Road Rules"—see the Road Transport (Safety and Traffic Management) Regulations 2000, regulation 5.
"authorised person"—see the Act, dictionary.
"bus" means a bus (as defined in section 100 of the Act) operated for a bus service for which a bus service licence is in force.
"bus driver" means the person driving the bus if the person holds a public vehicle licence authorising the person to drive the bus for hire or reward.
"bus service licence"—see the Act, subsection 142 (1).
"bus stop" means a bus stop appointed under regulation 46.
"concession ticket" means a ticket issued free or at a reduced fare.
"drive" a bus includes stop or park the bus.
"driver", of a bus—see bus driver".
, of a vehicle, includes the seats, seat covers and floor coverings of the vehicle.
"goods" includes luggage.
"home address"—see the Act, dictionary.
"in" a bus includes on the bus.
inspect a vehicle includes observe the performance of the vehicle or any of its equipment, with or without the use of instruments.
noncompliance notice—see regulation 48.
"operate" a bus includes drive a bus.
operator means—

        (a)     for a bus service—the holder of the bus service licence for the bus service; or

        (b)     for a bus—the holder of the bus service licence for the bus service for which the bus is operated.

public vehicle licence—see the Road Transport (Driver Licensing) Act 1999, dictionary.
"responsible person", for a vehicle—see the Act, sections 10 and 11.
"road"—see the Act, dictionary.
"road transport authority"—see the Act, dictionary.
"road transport legislation"—see the Act, section 6 (What is the road transport legislation?).
"the Act" means the "Road Transport (General) Act 1999".
ticket means anything issued by or on behalf of the operator of a bus service for the purpose of authorising a person to travel in a bus operated in the service.
"valid "ticket—see regulation 18 (Validity of tickets).
"wheeled recreational device"—see Australian Road Rules, dictionary.


1     Notified in the Gazette on 29 February 2000.

2     Section 33AA of the Interpretation Act 1967 (as applied by section 9 of the Subordinate Laws Act 1989) deals with the meaning of offence penalties that are expressed in penalty units.

© Australian Capital Territory 2003


Australian Capital Territory

The Australian Capital Territory Executive makes the following regulations under the Road Transport (General) Act 1999.

Dated 25 February 2000.




Australian Capital Territory

Road Transport (Bus Services) Regulations 2000

Subordinate Law 2000 No 9




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