Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   2A.     Simplified outline  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Australian citizen  
   5.      Permanent resident  
   6.      Responsible parent  
   6A.     National security offences  
   7.      Children born on ships or aircraft or after death of parent  
   8.      Children born as a result of artificial conception procedures or surrogacy arrangements  
   9.      Confinement in prison or psychiatric institution  
   10.     Personal identifiers  
   11.     Operation of Act  


           Division 1--Automatic acquisition of Australian citizenship

   11A.    Simplified outline  
   12.     Citizenship by birth  
   13.     Citizenship by adoption  
   14.     Citizenship for abandoned children  
   15.     Citizenship by incorporation of Territory  

           Division 2--Acquisition of Australian citizenship by application

              Subdivision A--Citizenship by descent

   15A.    Simplified outline  
   16.     Application and eligibility for citizenship  
   17.     Minister's decision  
   18.     Registration  
   19.     Day citizenship begins  
   19A.    When a person does not become a citizen despite the Minister's approval  

              Subdivision AA--Citizenship for persons adopted in accordance with the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption or a bilateral arrangement

   19B.    Simplified outline  
   19C.    Application and eligibility for citizenship  
   19D.    Minister's decision  
   19E.    Registration  
   19F.    Day citizenship begins  

              Subdivision B--Citizenship by conferral

   19G.    Simplified outline  
   20.     Requirements for becoming a citizen  
   21.     Application and eligibility for citizenship  
   22.     General residence requirement  
   22A.    Special residence requirement--persons engaging in activities that are of benefit to Australia  
   22B.    Special residence requirement--persons engaged in particular kinds of work requiring regular travel outside Australia  
   22C.    Special residence requirement--legislative instruments  
   23.     Defence service requirement  
   23A.    Citizenship test  
   24.     Minister's decision  
   25.     Minister may cancel approval  
   26.     Pledge of commitment must be made  
   27.     How pledge of commitment is to be made  
   28.     Day citizenship begins etc.  

              Subdivision C--Resuming citizenship

   28A.    Simplified outline  
   29.     Application and eligibility for resuming citizenship  
   30.     Minister's decision  
   31.     Registration  
   32.     Day citizenship begins again etc.  

           Division 3--Cessation of Australian citizenship

              Subdivision A--Simplified outline of this Division

   32A.    Simplified outline of this Division  

              Subdivision B--Citizenship renunciation and revocation

   33.     Renunciation by application  
   34.     Revocation by Minister--offences or fraud  
   34A.    Revocation by Minister--special residence requirements  
   36.     Children of responsible parents who cease to be citizens  

              Subdivision C--Citizenship cessation

   36A.    Purpose of this Subdivision  
   36B.    Cessation of citizenship if citizenship cessation order made by court etc.  
   36C.    Citizenship cessation order if person is convicted of serious offence  
   36D.    Application by the Minister for a citizenship cessation order  
   36L.    No resumption of citizenship if citizenship ceases under this Subdivision  

           Division 4--Evidence of Australian citizenship

   37.     Evidence of Australian citizenship  
   38.     Surrender of evidentiary notice  
   39.     Altering evidentiary notice  

           Division 5--Personal identifiers

              Subdivision A--Obtaining personal identifiers

   40.     Request for personal identifiers  
   41.     Provision of personal identifiers  

              Subdivision B--Obligations relating to identifying information

   42.     Accessing identifying information  
   43.     Disclosing identifying information  
   44.     Unauthorised modification or impairment of identifying information  
   45.     Destroying identifying information  


           Division 1--Bogus documents

   45A.    Prohibition on, and forfeiture of, bogus documents  
   45B.    Seizure of bogus documents  
   45C.    Document condemned as forfeited  
   45D.    Dealing with a document after it is condemned as forfeited  

           Division 2--Other

   46.     Application requirements  
   47.     Notification of decisions  
   48.     Computerised decision - making  
   49.     Evidence of whether computer program is functioning correctly  
   50.     False statements or representations  
   51.     Geographical jurisdiction for offences  
   51A.    Things seized under Crimes Act search warrant and information about such things  
   51B.    Reports to Parliament  
   52.     Review of decisions  
   53.     Delegation  
   54.     Regulations  
           SCHEDULE 1 Pledge of commitment as a citizen of the Commonwealth of Australia

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