Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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                   In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears:

"Assembly" means the Legislative Assembly for the Australian Capital Territory established by section 8.

"Attorney-General of the Territory" means the Minister who has the responsibility for the administration of justice in the Territory.

"casual vacancy" means a vacancy in the membership of the Assembly occurring otherwise than because of section 10 or 16.

"Chief Magistrate means the Chief Magistrate appointed under the Magistrates Court" Act 1930 of the Territory.

"Chief Minister" means the Chief Minister elected under section 40.

"commencing day" means the day on which section 22 commences.

"Commissioner" means a Commissioner appointed under section 16.

"Commonwealth Gazette means the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette" .

"Commonwealth Minister" means the Minister of State administering this Act, and has the additional meaning given by section 19 of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 .

"Deputy Chief Minister" means the Deputy Chief Minister appointed under section 44.

"Deputy Presiding Officer" means the person (if any) elected under subsection 21(2).

"elector of the Territory" means a person who is entitled to vote at a general election.

"enactment" means:

                     (a)  a law (however described or entitled) made by the Assembly under this Act; or

                     (b)  a law, or part of a law, that is an enactment because of section 34.

"Executive" means the Australian Capital Territory Executive established by section 36.

"Finance Minister" means the Minister administering the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 .

"general election" means a general election of members of the Assembly.

"judicial commission" means a body or authority established by the Assembly having the function (whether alone or together with another body or authority of the Territory) of investigating, and reporting to the Attorney-General of the Territory on, complaints concerning the conduct or the physical or mental capacity of a judicial officer.

"judicial officer" means:

                     (a)  the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; or

                     (b)  a Judge (other than an additional Judge) of the Supreme Court; or

                     (c)  the Master of the Supreme Court; or

                     (d)  the Chief Magistrate; or

                     (e)  a Magistrate; or

                      (f)  any other judicial office holder or member of a tribunal specified in an enactment relating to the establishment of a judicial commission for the Territory.

"Magistrate means a Magistrate (other than a Special Magistrate) appointed under the Magistrates Court" Act 1930 of the Territory.

"meeting" means a meeting of the Assembly.

"member" means a member of the Assembly.

"Minister" means the Chief Minister or a Minister appointed under section 41.

"Presiding Officer" means the officer elected under section 11, by whatever title determined by the Assembly.

"public money of the Territory" means revenues, loans and other money received by the Territory.

"resolution of no confidence" means a resolution passed in accordance with section 19.

"subordinate law" means an instrument of a legislative nature (including a regulation, rule or by-law) made under an enactment.

"Supreme Court" means the Supreme Court of the Territory existing under the Supreme Court Act 1933 of the Territory.

"Territory" :

                     (a)  when used in a geographical sense, means the Australian Capital Territory; and

                     (b)  when used in any other sense, means the body politic established by section 7.

"Territory authority" :

                     (a)  except in Part VII--means a body, whether corporate or not:

                              (i)  established by or under enactment; or

                             (ii)  otherwise established by the Executive; or

                     (b)  in Part VII--means a body corporate established for a public purpose by or under enactment and having power to borrow money.

"Territory Gazette means the Australian Capital Territory Gazette" .

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