Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Powers of Land Council

             (1)  Subject to this Act, a Land Council may do all things necessary or convenient to be done for or in connexion with the performance of its functions and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, may:

                     (a)  employ staff;

                     (b)  obtain the advice and assistance of persons who are expert in any matter with which the Council is concerned (including assistance in connection with the administration of the affairs of the Council);

                     (c)  give lawful directions to Land Trusts holding land in its area concerning the performance of their functions; and

                     (d)  receive moneys due and owing to Land Trusts holding, or established to hold, land in its area and give a valid discharge for those moneys.

          (1A)  A Land Council may, on the request of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporation that has received an amount of money from the Council under this Act, provide administrative or other assistance to the corporation.

             (2)  Where a Land Council employs a person as a staff member, the terms and conditions of the person's employment are such as are from time to time determined by the Land Council.

          (2A)  Where a Land Council obtains the advice and assistance of a person under paragraph (1)(b), the terms and conditions of the engagement of that person are such as are approved by the Land Council.

             (3)  A Land Council shall not, without the approval of the Minister, enter into, or permit a Land Trust holding land in its area to enter into, a contract involving the payment or receipt of an amount exceeding $1,000,000, or, if a higher amount is prescribed, that higher amount.

             (4)  The Minister shall not give an approval under subsection (3) with respect to entering into a contract relating to Aboriginal land unless the Minister is satisfied that the Land Council concerned has, in taking the action that has resulted in the proposed contract, complied with any duty imposed on it by subsection 23(3).

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