Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Exercise of jurisdiction

             (1)  In exercising jurisdiction under this Act, the Court shall hear and determine the following matters in open Court:

                     (a)  creditors' petitions;

                     (b)  examinations under this Act;

                     (c)  proceedings in connection with the consideration of an annulment of a bankruptcy under section 153B;

                     (d)  applications under:

                              (i)  section 222 (as applied by section 76B); or

                             (ii)  section 222C (as applied by section 76B);

                            for an order setting aside or terminating a composition or scheme of arrangement under Division 6 of Part IV;

                     (e)  applications to set aside or avoid a charge, charging order, settlement, disposition, conveyance, transfer security or payment;

                    (ea)  applications under section 139A;

                      (f)  applications to declare for or against the title of the trustee to any property;

                     (g)  applications for the committal of a person to prison or for the release from prison of a person committed to prison;

                      (i)  applications for the trial of questions of fact with a jury and the trial of those questions;

                      (j)  applications under Part X:

                              (i)  for an order setting aside or terminating a personal insolvency agreement; or

                             (ii)  for a sequestration order against the estate of a debtor;

                    (ja)  applications for an order of annulment of the administration of the estate of a deceased person under Part XI; and

                     (k)  summary trials under Part XIV.

             (2)  All other matters under this Act may, in the discretion of the Court, be heard in open Court or in Chambers.

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