Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Approved forms

  (1)   A document that this Act requires to be in an approved form must:

  (a)   be in the form approved by the Inspector - General for the document; and

  (b)   include the information, statements, explanations or other matters required by the form; and

  (c)   be accompanied by any other material required by the form.

  (2)   A reference in this Act to a document in the approved form, includes a reference to any other material included with or accompanying the document as required by the relevant form.

  (3)   If:

  (a)   this Act requires a document to be in an approved form; and

  (b)   a provision of this Act specifies, or provides for the Insolvency Practice Rules to specify, information, statements, explanations or other matters that must be included in the document, or other material that must accompany the document;

that other provision is not taken to exclude or limit the operation of subsection   (1) in relation to the approved form (and so the approved form may also require information etc. to be included in the form or material to accompany the form).

  (4)   The Insolvency Practice Rules may make provision for and in relation to:

  (a)   methods of verifying any information required by or in approved forms; and

  (b)   the manner in which, the persons by whom, and the directions or requirements in accordance with which, approved forms are required or permitted to be signed, prepared, or completed.


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