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Direction to provide a statement

  (1)   ASIC may, by giving written notice to a financial services licensee, direct the licensee to give to ASIC a written statement containing the specified information about:

  (a)   the financial services provided by the licensee or its representatives; or

  (b)   the financial services business carried on by the licensee; or

  (c)   for the purposes of considering whether the requirement in section   913BA (fit and proper person test) is satisfied in relation to the licensee and the licence--any matters mentioned in section   913BB in relation to a person mentioned in a paragraph of subsection   913BA(1).

  (1A)   Notices under subsection   (1):

  (a)   may be sent out at any time; and

  (b)   may be sent to one or more particular licensees, or to each licensee in one or more classes of licensee, or to all licensees; and

  (c)   may all require the same information, or may contain differences as to the information they require; and

  (d)   may require a statement containing information to be provided on a periodic basis, or each time a particular event or circumstance occurs, without ASIC having to give a further written notice; and

  (e)   may require a statement containing information to be given in a specified manner (including in electronic form).

  (2)   ASIC may also, by giving written notice to the licensee, direct the licensee to obtain an audit report, prepared by a suitably qualified person specified in the notice, on a statement, or each statement in a class of statements, under subsection   (1) before the statement is given to ASIC.

  (3)   The licensee must comply with a direction given under this section:

  (a)   within the time specified in the direction if that is a reasonable time; or

  (b)   in any other case--within a reasonable time.

ASIC may extend the time within which the licensee must comply with the direction by giving written notice to the licensee.

Note:   Failure to comply with this subsection is an offence (see subsection   1311(1)).

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