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Register of exemption orders

  (1)   The Commission must keep a Register in relation to exemption orders.

  (2)   The Register must include the following:

  (a)   particulars of all exemption orders (including orders that have expired);

  (b)   applications for exemption orders received by the Commission (including applications that have been withdrawn);

  (c)   particulars of decisions refusing to make exemption orders;

  (d)   particulars of decisions revoking, or refusing to revoke, exemption orders;

  (e)   particulars of the Commission's reasons for making exemption orders.

  (3)   Despite subsection   (2), the Register must not set out information covered by subsection   (2) if the disclosure of the information could reasonably be expected to prejudice substantially the commercial interests of the person, or any of the persons, to whom the information relates.

  (4)   The Register may be maintained by electronic means.

  (5)   A person may, on payment of the fee (if any) specified in the regulations:

  (a)   inspect the Register; and

  (b)   make a copy of, or take extracts from, the Register.

  (6)   For the purposes of this section, if the Register is maintained by electronic means, a person is taken to have made a copy of, or taken an extract from, the Register if the Commission gives the person a printout of, or of the relevant parts of, the Register.

  (7)   If a person requests that a copy be provided in an electronic form, the Commission may provide the relevant information:

  (a)   on a data processing device; or

  (b)   by way of electronic transmission.

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