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Quarterly reports about access agreements

  (1)   Within 30 days after the end of each quarter, a carrier or carriage service provider who supplies, or proposes to supply, a declared service must give the Commission a written statement setting out details of any access agreement in relation to the service in force at any time during that quarter.

  (2)   The details that must be given under subsection   (1) are:

  (a)   the parties to the agreement; and

  (b)   the service to which the agreement relates; and

  (c)   the date the agreement was entered into; and

  (d)   the period of the agreement; and

  (e)   if the agreement was varied during the quarter--the details referred to in paragraphs   (a) to (d) and (g) in relation to the variation agreement; and

  (f)   if the agreement was terminated, rescinded or cancelled before the expiry of the agreement--the date the agreement was terminated, rescinded or cancelled; and

  (g)   such information (if any) about the agreement as is specified in an instrument in force under subsection   (3).

  (3)   The Commission may, by writing, specify information for the purposes of paragraph   (2)(g).

  (4)   An instrument under subsection   (3) (including the instrument as amended) ceases to be in force 5 years after the day it is made (unless it is revoked sooner).

  (5)   The Commission must publish an instrument under subsection   (3) on the Commission's website.

  (6)   An instrument under subsection   (3) is not a legislative instrument.

  (7)   The Commission may, by writing, require information in a statement given to the Commission under this section to be verified by statutory declaration.

  (8)   This section does not limit section   155.

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