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Review by Tribunal

  (1)   A party to a final determination may apply in writing to the Tribunal for a review of the determination.

  (2)   The application must be made within 21 days after the Commission made the final determination.

  (3)   A review by the Tribunal is a re - arbitration of the access dispute based on the information, reports and things referred to in section   44ZZOAA.

Note:   There are time limits that apply to the Tribunal's decision on the review: see section   44ZZOA.

  (4)   For the purposes of the review, the Tribunal has the same powers as the Commission.

  (5)   The member of the Tribunal presiding at the review may require the Commission to give assistance for the purposes of the review.

  (5A)   Without limiting subsection   (5), the member may, by written notice, require the Commission to give information, and to make reports, of a kind specified in the notice, within the period specified in the notice, for the purposes of the review.

  (5B)   The Tribunal must:

  (a)   give a copy of the notice to:

  (i)   the person who applied for review; and

  (ii)   the other party or parties to the final determination; and

  (iii)   any other person who has been made a party to the proceedings for review by the Tribunal; and

  (b)   publish, by electronic or other means, the notice.

  (6)   The Tribunal may either affirm or vary the Commission's determination.

  (7)   The determination, as affirmed or varied by the Tribunal, is to be taken to be a determination of the Commission for all purposes of this Part (except this section).

  (8)   The decision of the Tribunal takes effect from when it is made.

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