Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Deferring access disputes or access undertakings

  (1)   If, at a particular time, the Commission is:

  (a)   arbitrating an access dispute under Division   3 relating to one or more matters of access to a declared service; and

  (b)   considering whether to accept an access undertaking relating to the service and to one or more of those matters;

then the Commission may, by notice in writing, decide to:

  (c)   defer arbitrating the access dispute, in whole or in part, while it considers the access undertaking; or

  (d)   defer considering whether to accept the access undertaking, in whole or in part, while it arbitrates the access dispute.

Deferral of arbitration of access dispute

  (2)   If:

  (a)   the Commission defers arbitrating the access dispute; and

  (b)   the Commission then accepts the access undertaking and it comes into operation;

then the Commission must terminate the arbitration when the undertaking comes into operation, but only to the extent of the matters relating to access to the service that are dealt with in the undertaking.

Note:   The third party's access to the service is determined under the access undertaking to the extent of the matters it deals with. If the access dispute deals with other matters, the third party's access to the service in relation to those other matters is determined under any determination the Commission makes.

Deferral of consideration of access undertaking

  (3)   If:

  (a)   the Commission defers considering whether to accept the access undertaking; and

  (b)   the Commission then makes a final determination in relation to the arbitration of the access dispute;

then the Commission must resume considering whether to accept the access undertaking.


  (4)   The Commission must publish, by electronic or other means, any decision it makes under subsection   (1) and its reasons for the decision. The Commission must give a copy of the decision (including the reasons for the decision) to each party to the arbitration.


  (5)   In exercising the power conferred by subsection   (1), the Commission must have regard to:

  (a)   the fact that the access undertaking will, if accepted, apply generally to access seekers and a final determination relating to the access dispute will only apply to the parties to the arbitration; and

  (b)   any guidelines in force under subsection   (6).

It may have regard to any other matter it considers relevant.

  (6)   The Commission must, by legislative instrument, determine guidelines for the purposes of subsection   (5).

  (7)   The Commission must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the first set of guidelines under subsection   (6) is made within 6 months after the commencement of this subsection.

Legislation Act 2003

  (8)   A notice made under subsection   (1) is not a legislative instrument.

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