Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Enforcement of prohibition on hindering access

  (1)   If the Federal Court is satisfied, on the application of any person, that another person (the obstructor ) has engaged, is engaging, or is proposing to engage in conduct constituting a contravention of section   44ZZ, the Court may make all or any of the following orders:

  (a)   an order granting an injunction on such terms as the Court thinks appropriate:

  (i)   restraining the obstructor from engaging in the conduct; or

  (ii)   if the conduct involves refusing or failing to do something--requiring the obstructor to do that thing;

  (b)   an order directing the obstructor to compensate a person who has suffered loss or damage as a result of the contravention;

  (c)   any other order that the Court thinks appropriate.

  (2)   If the Federal Court has power under subsection   (1) to grant an injunction restraining a person from engaging in particular conduct, or requiring a person to do anything, the Court may make any other orders (including granting an injunction) that it thinks appropriate against any other person who was involved in the contravention concerned.

  (3)   The grounds on which the Court may decide not to make an order under this section include the ground that Divisions   2 and 3 provide a more appropriate way of dealing with the issue of the applicant's access to the service concerned.

  (4)   A reference in this section to a person involved in the contravention is a reference to a person who has:

  (a)   aided, abetted, counselled or procured the contravention; or

  (b)   induced the contravention, whether through threats or promises or otherwise; or

  (c)   been in any way (directly or indirectly) knowingly concerned in or a party to the contravention; or

  (d)   conspired with others to effect the contravention.

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