Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Commission may require corporation to provide information

  (1)   This section applies if a corporation is required to keep, to generate or to publish information or a document under an applicable industry code.

  (2)   The Commission may give the corporation a written notice that requires the corporation to give the information, or to produce the document, to the Commission within 21 days after the notice is given to the corporation.

  (3)   The notice must:

  (a)   name the corporation to which it is given; and

  (b)   specify:

  (i)   the information or document to which it relates; and

  (ii)   the provisions of the applicable industry code which require the corporation to keep, to generate or to publish the information or document; and

  (c)   explain the effect of sections   51ADE, 51ADF and 51ADG.

  (4)   The notice may relate to more than one piece of information or more than one document.

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