Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Application for registration of news business and news business corporation

  (1)   A corporation (the applicant corporation ) may apply to the ACMA, in relation to a news business, for:

  (a)   if the news business is not already a registered news business--the registration of the news business; and

  (b)   if the applicant corporation is not already a registered news business corporation--the registration of the applicant corporation; and

  (c)   the endorsement of the applicant corporation as the registered news business corporation for the news business.

  (2)   The application must:

  (a)   be in writing; and

  (b)   set out every news source that comprises the news business; and

  (c)   set out details of the applicant corporation's point of contact for the purposes of section   52Z; and

  (d)   if regulations made for the purposes of this paragraph specify requirements--meet those requirements.

  (3)   The news business set out in the application may be comprised of some or all of the news sources that the applicant corporation, either by itself or together with other corporations, operates or controls.

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