Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Rules about incidental or related matters

    Without limiting paragraph   56BAA(3)(f) or 56BB(f), the consumer data rules may include the following rules:

  (a)   rules that refer to the data standards;

  (b)   the circumstances in which persons are, or may be, relieved from complying with requirements in the consumer data rules that would otherwise apply to them;

  (c)   a rule that depends on a person being satisfied of one or more specified matters;

  (d)   rules for the making of applications for internal review, or of applications to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for review, of decisions of a person under the consumer data rules;

  (e)   rules about the manner or form in which persons or bodies:

  (i)   may exercise powers under the consumer data rules; or

  (ii)   must comply with requirements imposed by the consumer data rules;

    which could include requiring the use of a form approved by the Commission or by the Information Commissioner;

  (f)   rules about the following matters:

  (i)   the manner in which CDR participants for CDR data may charge (or cause to be charged) a fee for a matter covered by the consumer data rules;

  (ii)   the time for paying such a fee;

  (iii)   giving notice of, or publicising, such a fee or matters about such a fee;

  (g)   rules requiring CDR participants, or designated gateways, for CDR data to have internal or external dispute resolution processes:

  (i)   that relate to the operation of the consumer data rules or this Part; and

  (ii)   that meet specified criteria;

  (h)   rules relating to an external dispute resolution scheme recognised under Division   4, including about access to such a scheme;

  (i)   transitional rules for the external resolution of disputes:

  (i)   described in subsection   56DA(1); and

  (ii)   not covered by a scheme recognised under that subsection;

  (ia)   rules requiring agents of any of the following entities (a CDR entity ):

  (i)   a data holder of CDR data;

  (ii)   an accredited person;

  (iii)   a designated gateway for CDR data;

    to do or not to do specified things when acting on behalf of the CDR entity and within the agent's actual or apparent authority;

  (j)   rules about any other matters that the provisions of this Part provide may be specified, or otherwise dealt with, in the consumer data rules.

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