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Registrar may change document access address to a director's address

             (1)  If the corporation does not occupy the premises at the address of its document access address, the corporation must be able to show the Registrar the occupier's written consent to the corporation's use of those premises as its document access address.

Note:          The Registrar can require the corporation to produce the consent (see section 115-20).

             (2)  The corporation commits an offence if it fails to comply with a request by the Registrar to show the Registrar that consent.

Penalty:  5 penalty units.

             (3)  An offence against subsection (2) is an offence of strict liability.

Note:          For strict liability , see section 6.1 of the Criminal Code .

             (4)  If the Registrar becomes aware that the occupier of those premises:

                     (a)  has not consented to the use of the premises as the address of the corporation's document access address; or

                     (b)  has withdrawn the consent;

the Registrar may:

                     (c)  give written notice to a director of the corporation who resides in Australia that the Registrar intends to change the address of the corporation's document access address to the director's address; and

                     (d)  if the Registrar is not notified of the address of the corporation's proposed new document access address under section 115-5 within 14 days after the notice under that section is sent--change the address of the corporation's document access address to the address of that director.

             (5)  A notice under paragraph (4)(c) is not a legislative instrument.

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