Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Guide to this Part

This Part   is about the Fair Work Commission.

Division   2 establishes and confers functions on the FWC. The FWC consists of the President, Vice Presidents, Deputy Presidents, Commissioners and Expert Panel Members. Division   2 also confers functions on the President.

Division   3 deals with the conduct of matters before the FWC (such as applications, representation by lawyers, the FWC's decisions and appeals).

Division   4 deals with the organisation of the FWC, who may perform functions of the FWC and delegation of the FWC's functions and powers. Certain functions must be performed by a Full Bench or an Expert Panel.

Division   5 deals with the appointment, terms and conditions of FWC Members.

Division   6 deals with cooperation with the States.

Division   7 deals with the FWC's seal. It also deals with other powers and functions of the President and the General Manager (including in relation to annual reports, reports on making enterprise agreements, arrangements with certain courts, and disclosing information obtained by the FWC).

Division   8 is about the General Manager of the FWC (whose function is to assist the President), staff of the FWC and others assisting the FWC.

Division   9 contains offences in relation to the FWC.

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