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Functions of the FWC

  (1)   The FWC has the functions conferred by this Act in relation to the following subject matters:

  (a)   the National Employment Standards (Part   2 - 2);

  (b)   modern awards (Part   2 - 3);

  (c)   enterprise agreements (Part   2 - 4);

  (d)   workplace determinations (Part   2 - 5);

  (e)   minimum wages (Part   2 - 6);

  (f)   equal remuneration (Part   2 - 7);

  (fa)   regulated labour hire arrangement orders (Part   2 - 7A);

  (g)   transfer of business (Part   2 - 8);

  (ga)   other terms and conditions of employment (Part   2 - 9);

  (h)   general protections (Part   3 - 1);

  (i)   unfair dismissal (Part   3 - 2);

  (j)   industrial action (Part   3 - 3);

  (k)   right of entry (Part   3 - 4);

  (l)   stand down (Part   3 - 5);

  (la)   prohibiting sexual harassment in connection with work (Part   3 - 5A);

  (m)   other rights and responsibilities (Part   3 - 6);

  (n)   the extension of the National Employment Standards entitlements (Part   6 - 3);

  (na)   transfer of business from a State public sector employer (Part   6 - 3A);

  (o)   unlawful termination protections (Part   6 - 4);

  (p)   special provisions about TCF outworkers (Part   6 - 4A);

  (q)   workers bullied at work (Part   6 - 4B);

  (r)   Coronavirus economic response (Part   6 - 4C).

  (2)   The FWC also has the following functions:

  (aa)   promoting cooperative and productive workplace relations and preventing disputes;

  (ab)   promoting good faith bargaining and the making of enterprise agreements;

  (a)   dealing with disputes as referred to in section   595;

  (b)   providing assistance and advice about its functions and activities;

  (c)   providing administrative support in accordance with an arrangement under section   650 or 653A;

  (ca)   mediating any proceedings, part of proceedings or matter arising out of any proceedings that, under section   53A of the Federal Court of Australia Act 1976 or section   169 of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia Act 2021 , have been referred by the Fair Work Division of the Federal Court or Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia (Division   2) to the FWC for mediation;

  (d)   any other function conferred on the FWC by a law of the Commonwealth.

Note:   Section   13 of the Registered Organisations Act confers an additional function on the FWC.

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