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Register of Approved Placements

  (1)   The purpose of this section is to provide for registration of certain medical practitioners in approved placements.

  (2)   The Chief Executive Medicare is to establish and maintain a Register of Approved Placements.

  (3)   The Register may be maintained in any form, including as a computer record.

  (4)   A medical practitioner may apply to the Chief Executive Medicare for registration under this section.

  (5)   If a medical practitioner makes an application and:

  (a)   a body specified in the regulations gives the Chief Executive Medicare written notice stating:

  (i)   that the applicant is enrolled in, or undertaking, a course or program of a kind specified in the regulations; and

  (ii)   the period over which, and the location in which, the applicant will be undertaking the course or program; or

  (b)   the applicant is, in accordance with the regulations, eligible for registration under this section;

the Chief Executive Medicare must, within the required period under subsection   (6), enter the applicant's name in the Register, together with the period in respect of which and the location in respect of which the applicant is registered.

  (6)   The required period for the purposes of subsection   (5) is:

  (a)   if a notice was given to the Chief Executive Medicare under paragraph   (5)(a) in connection with the application:

  (i)   the period of 14 days after the notice was received by the Chief Executive Medicare; or

  (ii)   if the application was made after the notice was received--the period of 14 days after the application was received by the Chief Executive Medicare; or

  (b)   if no such notice was given--the period of 14 days after the application was received by the Chief Executive Medicare.

  (7)   The Chief Executive Medicare must give the applicant written notice of the day on which the applicant's name is to be entered in the Register.

  (8)   The Chief Executive Medicare may give a body specified in regulations made for the purposes of paragraph   (5)(a) information about the following matters, to the extent that those matters relate to persons about whom the body has given a notice under paragraph   (5)(a):

  (a)   the current state of the Register;

  (b)   additions to the Register;

  (c)   deletions from the Register.

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