Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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    In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears:

"AGS" has the meaning given by section   55J.

"Appeal" includes an application for a new trial and any proceeding to review or call in question the proceedings decision or jurisdiction of any Court or Judge.

"Cause" includes any suit, and also includes criminal proceedings.

"Chief Justice" includes a Justice for the time being performing the duties and exercising the powers of the Chief Justice.

"Defendant" includes any person against whom any relief is sought in a matter or who is required to attend the proceedings in a matter as a party thereto.

"examination and commitment for trial on indictment" includes commitment for trial on indictment.

"Judgment" includes any judgment decree order or sentence.

"Justice" means a Justice of the High Court and includes the Chief Justice.

"legal practitioner" means a person entitled, under an Act or a law of a State or Territory, to practise as one of the following:

  (a)   a legal practitioner;

  (b)   a barrister;

  (c)   a solicitor;

  (d)   a barrister and solicitor.

"Matter" includes any proceeding in a Court, whether between parties or not, and also any incidental proceeding in a cause or matter.

"Plaintiff" includes any person seeking any relief against any other person by any form of proceeding in a Court.

"Suit" includes any action or original proceeding between parties.

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