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Limit does not prevent visas for certain persons

             (1)  Section 86 does not prevent the grant of a visa to a person who applied for it on the ground that he or she is the spouse, de facto partner or dependent child of:

                     (a)  an Australian citizen; or

                     (b)  the holder of a permanent visa that is in effect; or

                     (c)  a person who is usually resident in Australia and whose continued presence in Australia is not subject to a limitation as to time imposed by law.

             (2)  For the purposes of this section, a child of a person is a dependent child if the child:

                     (a)  does not have a spouse or de facto partner; and

                     (b)  either:

                              (i)  is under 18; or

                             (ii)  is 18, 19 or 20 and is dependent on the person for:

                                        (A)  financial and psychological support; or

                                        (B)  physical support.

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