Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Division 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Act binds the Crown  
   4.      Application of Act  
   5.      Effect on executive power  
   6.      Relationship to other laws  

           Division 2--Guide to thisAct

   7.      Guide to this Act  

           Division 3--Definitions

   8.      Definitions  
   9.      Involved in a contravention  
   10.     Actionable contraventions --aircraft  
   11.     Continuous exercise of powers  

           Division 4--International agreements and decisions

   12.     When i nternational agreements and decisions apply  
   13.     T reat ing foreign vessels as Australian vessels  
   14.     A pplying Australian law in other places  


           Division 1--Introduction

   15.     Guide to this Part  

           Division 2--Authorising the exercise ofmaritimepowers

   16.     Authorising officers  
   17.     C ontraventions  
   18.     Monitoring laws  
   19.     International agreements and decisions  
   20.     Evidential material and warrants  
   21.     Identif ying vessels and aircraft  
   22.     Seizable transit goods --aircraft  
   22A.    Failure to consider international obligations etc. does not invalidate authorisation  
   22B.    Rules of natural justice do not apply to authorisations  

           Division 3--Authorisations and approvals

   23.     When authorisations are in force  
   24.     When a pproval s lapse  
   25.     Form of authorisations and approvals  
   26.     Further authorisations and approvals  

           Division 4--Exercisingpowers

              Subdivision A--Effect of Division

   27.     Effect of Division  

              Subdivision B--Exercisingpowers without authorisation

   28.     Identifying aircraft  
   29.     Ensuring safety  

              Subdivision C--Exercisingpowers with authorisation

   30.     Authorisation required  
   31.     Exercis ing powers for authorised purpose  
   32.     Exercis ing powers for other purposes  
   33.     Additional p owers and limitations under international agreements and decisions  

              Subdivision D--Scope of power

   34.     Scope of power --vessels, installations, aircraft and protected land areas  
   35.     Warrants not required  
   36.     Enforcing warrants  

              Subdivision E--Usingforce and assistance

   37.     Using force  
   38.     Requesting assist ance  
   39.     Requiring assist ance  

           Division 5--Geographical limits

              Subdivision A--Exercisingpowers in other countries

   40.     Exercising powers in other countries  

              Subdivision B--Exercisingpowers between countries

   41.     Foreign vessels between countries  
   42.     Meaning of chased without interruption  
   43.     Foreign installations between countries  
   44.     Foreign aircraft between countries  

              Subdivision C--Exercisingpowers in Australia

   45.     Foreign vessels in Australia--evidence and warrants authorisations  
   46.     Vessels, installations and isolated persons in States and internal Territories  
   47.     Aircraft in States and internal Territories  

              Subdivision D--Requests and agreements of other countries

   48.     Manner and form of requests and agreements  
   49.     Scope of powers under requests and agreements  


           Division 1--Introduction

   50.     Guide to this Part  
   51.     E ffect of Part  

           Division 2--Boarding

   52.     Boarding vessels, installations and aircraft  
   53.     Requirement to facilitate boarding  
   54.     Additional powers--vessels  
   55.     Additional powers--aircraft  

           Division 3--Entering on land

   56.     Entering on land  
           D ivision 4--Obtaining information
   57.     Requiring answers, records and documents  
   58.     Obtaining readings  
           D ivision 5--Searching
   59.     Searching places  
   60.     Lifting persons or things from the sea  
   61.     Searching persons  
   62.     Conducting frisk searches  
           D ivision 6--Thingsfound or produced
   63.     Examining things  
   64.     Securing and marking things  
   65.     Copying records or documents  
   66.     Securing weapons  
   67.     Seizing things  
   68.     Retaining things  

           Division 7--Detainingvessels, aircraft and other conveyances

   69.     V essels and aircraft  
   69A.    Additional provisions relating to taking a vessel or aircraft to a destination under section 69  
   70.     O ther conveyances  

           Division 8--Placingand movingpersons

   71.     Placing persons  
   72.     Persons on detained vessels and aircraft  
   72A.    Additional provisions relating to taking a person to a destination under subsection 72(4)  
   73.     Using detention provisions  
   74.     Safety of persons  
   75.     Restraint is not arrest  

           Division 8A--General provisions relating to powers under Divisions 7 and 8

   75A.    Failure to consider international obligations etc. does not invalidate exercise of powers  
   75B.    Rules of natural justice do not apply to exercise of powers  
   75C.    Additional provisions about destination to which a vessel, aircraft or person may be taken  
   75D.    Exercising powers between countries  
   75E.    Powers are not limited by the Migration Act 1958  
   75F.    Minister may give directions about exercise of powers  
   75G.    Compliance with directions  
   75H.    Certain maritime laws do not apply to certain vessels detained or used in exercise of powers  

           Division 9--Arrest

   76.     Arrest for indictable offences  
   77.     Enforcing arrest warrants  

           Division 10--Requiring conductto cease

   78.     Requiring conduct to cease  


           Division 1--Introduction

   79.     Guide to this Part  

           Division 2--Noticeofseizure, retention ordetention

   80.     Notice of seizure, retention or detention  
   81.     Information about the return of things  
   82.     Notice of Commonwealth ownership  

           Division 3--Usingseizedthings

   83.     Using seized things  
   84.     Using seized things-- State and Territory officers  
   85.     Operating electronic equipment  

           Division 4--Returningthings

   86.     Returning seized things  
   87.     Returning retained and detained things  
   88.     Magistrate may extend holding period  
   89.     Returning things if notice of Commonwealth ownership given  
   90.     Seizing u nder other Australian law s  

           Division 5--Disposingof things

   91.     Reasons for disposal  
   92.     Methods of disposal  
   93.     Notice of disposal  


           Division 1--Introduction

   94.     Guide to this Part  
   95.     Treatment of persons held  
   96.     Doing things as soon as practicable  

           Division 2--Persons detained

   98.     Persons detained under detention provisions  

           Division 3--Persons arrested

   99.     Application of this Division  
   100.    P erson to be informed of reason for arrest  
   101.    P erson to be brought before magistrate  
   102.    Enforcing arrest warrants  


   103.    Offence  


           Division 1--Maritime officers

   104.    M aritime officers  
   105.    Carrying and using arms  
   106.    Identity cards  
   107.    Protection from suit  

           Division 2--Evidentiary certificates

   108.    Evidence of international agreements and decisions  
   109.    Evidence of approvals  
   110.    Evidence of requests and agreements--geographical limits on exercise of powers  
   111.    Certificates are prima facie evidence  

           Division 3--Recovery of costs

   112.    Chase costs  
   113.    Seizure costs  
   114.    Liability to pay costs is a debt to the Commonwealth  

           Division 4--Gathering and sharinginformation

   115.    Copying records or documents for other purposes  
   116.    Sharing information  

           Division 5--Compensationfor acquisition of property

   117.    Compensation for acquisition of property  
   118.    Compensation for damage to documents  
   119.    Compensation for damage to equipment  
   120.    A mount of compensation --proceedings  

           Division 6--Delegation and regulations

   121.     Delegation  
   122.    Regulations  

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