Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Remedial directions--breach of service provider rules

             (1)  This section applies if the Commissioner is satisfied that a person has contravened, or is contravening, a service provider rule that applies to the person.

             (2)  The Commissioner may give the person a written direction requiring the person to take specified action directed towards ensuring that the provider does not contravene the rule, or is unlikely to contravene the rule, in the future.

             (3)  The following are examples of the kinds of direction that may be given to a person under subsection (2):

                     (a)  a direction that the person implement effective administrative systems for monitoring compliance with a service provider rule;

                     (b)  a direction that the person implement a system designed to give the person's employees, agents and contractors a reasonable knowledge and understanding of the requirements of a service provider rule, so far as those requirements affect the employees, agents or contractors concerned.

             (4)  A person must comply with a direction under subsection (2).

Civil penalty for contravention of this subsection:           500 penalty units.

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