Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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Relief for infringement of patent

             (1)  The relief which a court may grant for infringement of a patent includes an injunction (subject to such terms, if any, as the court thinks fit) and, at the option of the plaintiff, either damages or an account of profits.

          (1A)  A court may include an additional amount in an assessment of damages for an infringement of a patent, if the court considers it appropriate to do so having regard to:

                     (a)  the flagrancy of the infringement; and

                     (b)  the need to deter similar infringements of patents; and

                     (c)  the conduct of the party that infringed the patent that occurred:

                              (i)  after the act constituting the infringement; or

                             (ii)  after that party was informed that it had allegedly infringed the patent; and

                     (d)  any benefit shown to have accrued to that party because of the infringement; and

                     (e)  all other relevant matters.

             (2)  On the application of either party, the court may make such order for the inspection of any thing in or on any vehicle, vessel, aircraft or premises, and may impose such terms and give such directions about the inspection, as the court thinks fit.

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