Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


           Division 1--Preliminary

   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  

           Division 2--Objects of this Act

   3.      Objects of this Act  

           Division 3--Simplified outline of this Act

   4.      Simplified outline of this Act  

           Division 4--Definitions

   5.      Definitions  
   6.      Meaning of road vehicle  
   7.      Meaning of road vehicle component  

           Division 5--Miscellaneous

   8.      Act to bind Crown  
   9.      Crown not liable to prosecution  
   10.     Extraterritorial application  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   11.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--National road vehicle standards

   12.     Minister may determine national road vehicle standards  
   13.     Rules  

           Division 3--The Register of Approved Vehicles

   14.     Register of Approved Vehicles  
   15.     Entering vehicles on RAV  
   16.     Entry of non - compliant vehicles on RAV  
   17.     Information entered on RAV dishonestly or improperly  
   18.     Incorrect information entered on RAV  
   19.     Rules  

           Division 4--Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Register

   20.     Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Register  
   21.     Rules  

           Division 5--Importation of road vehicles

   22.     Importing road vehicles  
   23.     Rules  

           Division 6--Provision of road vehicles not on RAV

   24.     Providing road vehicle for the first time in Australia--vehicle not on RAV  

           Division 7--Modifying road vehicles

   25.     Rules  
   26.      Modification of road vehicle on RAV  

           Division 8--Supplying road vehicle components

   27.     Misrepresentation that a road vehicle component is an approved road vehicle component  

           Division 9--Miscellaneous

              Subdivision A--Breach of condition of approvals

   28.     Breach of condition of approval--general  
   29.     Breach of condition of approval--export or destruction of road vehicle  

              Subdivision B--Record-keeping obligations

   30.     Breach of obligation to provide records after approval ceases to be in force  

              Subdivision C--False or misleading declarations etc.

   31.     False or misleading declaration  
   32.     False or misleading information  

              Subdivision D--Liability of executive officers

   33.     Personal liability of an executive officer of a body corporate  
   34.     Reasonable steps to prevent offence or contravention  

              Subdivision E--Pecuniary penalties and bodies corporate

   35.     Determining pecuniary penalties for bodies corporate  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   36.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Rules

   37.     Rules  

           Division 3--Complying with recalls

   38.     Compliance with recall notices  
   39.     Notification requirements--compulsory recalls  
   40.     Notification requirements--voluntary recalls  

           Division 4--Disclosure notices

   41.     Power to obtain information etc.  
   42.     Self - incrimination  
   43.     Compliance with disclosure notices  
   44.     False or misleading information etc.  

           Division 5--Miscellaneous

   45.     References to supply of road vehicles and approved road vehicle components  
   46.     Compensation for acquisition of property  
   47.     Operation of other laws  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   48.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Inspectors

   49.     Appointment of inspectors  

           Division 3--Monitoring

   50.     Monitoring under Part 2 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   51.     Modifications of Part 2 of the Regulatory Powers Act  

           Division 4--Investigation

   52.     Investigating under Part 3 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   53.     Modifications of Part 3 of the Regulatory Powers Act  

           Division 5--Civil penalties, infringement notices, enforceable undertakings and injunctions

   54.     Civil penalties under Part 4 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   55.     Infringement notices under Part 5 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   56.     Modifications of Part 5 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   57.     Enforceable undertakings under Part 6 of the Regulatory Powers Act  
   58.     Injunctions under Part 7 of the Regulatory Powers Act  

           Division 6--Miscellaneous

   59.     Physical elements of offences  
   60.     Contravening an offence provision or a civil penalty provision  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   61.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Computerised decision-making

   62.     Minister may arrange for use of computer programs to make decisions etc.  
   63.     Minister may substitute more favourable decisions for certain computer - based decisions  
   64.     Use of computer programs by Secretary to make decisions etc.  

           Division 3--Sharing information

   65.     Sharing information  

           Division 4--Cost recovery

              Subdivision A--Fees

   66.     Fees for fee - bearing activities  

              Subdivision B--Payment of cost-recovery charges

   67.     Paying cost - recovery charges  

              Subdivision C--Unpaid cost-recovery charges

   68.     Late payment fee  
   69.     Recovery of cost - recovery charges  
   70.     Suspending or revoking approvals because of unpaid cost - recovery charges  
   71.     Secretary may direct that activities not be carried out  

              Subdivision D--Miscellaneous

   72.     Secretary may remit or refund cost - recovery charges  

           Division 5--Delegations

   73.     Delegation by the Minister  
   74.     Delegation by the Secretary  


           Division 1--Simplified outline of this Part

   75.     Simplified outline of this Part  

           Division 2--Interactions with other laws

   76.     Authority to take delivery of imported vehicles  
   77.     Application of the Australian Consumer Law  
   78.     Road vehicle need not comply with State or Territory standards  
   79.     Severability--additional effect of Act  

           Division 3--Basis on which approvals granted

   80.     Basis on which approvals granted  

           Division 4--Miscellaneous

   81.     Immunity from suit  
   82.     Rules  

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