Commonwealth Consolidated Acts

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           Long Title


   1.      Short title  
   2.      Commencement  
   3.      Definitions  
   4.      Act binds the Crown  
   5.      External Territories  
   6.      Application outside Australia  
   8.      Application of Criminal Code  
   10.     Relationship with other laws  
   11.     Constitutional limitations on powers and functions  


           Division 1--Establishment, functions and powers of Bureau

   12.     Establishment of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB)  
   12A.    Constitution of the ATSB  
   12AA.   Functions of the ATSB  
   12AB.   Independence of the ATSB and Chief Commissioner  
   12AC.   Minimal disruption to transport services  
   12AD.   International obligations  
   12AE.   Minister may give the ATSB notices about its strategic direction  

           Division 2--Appointment of Commissioners

   13.     Appointment  
   13A.    Term of appointment  
   13AA.   Remuneration and allowances  
   13AB.   Leave of absence  
   13AC.   Outside employment  
   13AD.   Resignation  
   13AE.   Disclosure of interests  
   13AF.   Other terms and conditions  
   13AG.   Termination of appointment  
   13AH.   Acting Chief Commissioner  

           Division 3--ATSB procedures

              Subdivision A--Meetings

   14.     Times and places of meetings  
   14A.    Conduct of meetings  

              Subdivision B--Decisions without meetings

   14AB.   Decisions without meetings  
   14AC.   Record of decisions  

           Division 4--Chief Executive Officer

   15.     Chief Executive Officer  
   15A.    Functions of the Chief Executive Officer  

           Division 5--Staff and consultants

   16.     Staff  
   16A.    Staff to be made available to the ATSB  
   16B.    Consultants  


           Division 1--Compulsory reporting

   18.     Immediate reports  
   19.     Written reports within 72 hours  
   20.     Nominated officials for receiving reports  

           Division 2--Voluntary reporting

   20A.    Voluntary reporting scheme  


           Division 1--Investigations

   21.     Investigations  
   21A.    State or Territory Minister may request investigation of certain transport safety matters  
   22.     Restriction on investigations of transport safety matters  
   23.     Transport safety matters  
   24.     Offence to hinder etc. an investigation  

           Division 2--Investigation reports

   25.     Reports on investigations  
   25A.    Responses to reports of, or containing, safety recommendations  
   26.     Draft reports  
   27.     Reports not admissible in evidence  


           Division 1--Preliminary

   28.     Powers only exercisable in relation to an investigation  
   29.     Identity cards  
   30.     Obligations of Chief Commissioner before entering premises  
   31.     Powers conferred on magistrates  

           Division 2--Requirement to attend before ATSB

   32.     ATSB may require persons to attend and answer questions etc.  

           Division 3--Powers in relation to premises

   33.     Power to enter special premises without consent or warrant  
   34.     Power to enter any premises with occupier's consent  
   35.     Power to enter any premises with warrant  
   36.     Powers after entering premises  
   37.     Occupier to provide Chief Commissioner with facilities and assistance  
   38.     Occupier entitled to be present during search  
   39.     Power to stop and detain transport vehicles  

           Division 4--Investigation warrants

   40.     Issue of investigation warrants  
   41.     Investigation warrants by telephone, fax etc.  
   42.     False statements etc. in application for warrant etc.  

           Division 5--Protection orders

   43.     Protection orders by Chief Commissioner  

           Division 6--Securing accident sites

   44.     Securing accident sites  

           Division 7--Miscellaneous

   45.     Retention, testing etc. of evidential material  
   46.     Compensation for damage to electronic equipment  
   47.     Self - incrimination not an excuse  


           Division 1--OBR information

   48.     Definition of OBR or on - board recording  
   49.     OBR ceasing to be an OBR under declaration of ATSB  
   50.     ATSB certificate about disclosure of OBR information  
   51.     Release of OBR information in the interests of transport safety  
   52.     ATSB may authorise persons to have access to OBR information  
   53.     Copying or disclosing OBR information  
   54.     OBR information no ground for disciplinary action  
   55.     OBR information not admissible in criminal proceedings against crew members  
   56.     Admissibility of OBR information in civil proceedings  
   57.     Examination by a court of OBR information under subsection 56(3)  
   58.     Where a court makes an order under subsection 56(3)  
   59.     Use of OBR information in coronial inquiries  

           Division 2--Restricted information

   60.     Limitations on disclosure etc. of restricted information  
   61.     Release of restricted information in the interests of transport safety  
   62.     ATSB may authorise persons to have access to restricted information  

           Division 3--Miscellaneous

   63.     Powers of Parliament and Royal Commissions not affected  


   63A.    Annual report  


   63B.    Delegation by the ATSB  
   63C.    Delegation by the Chief Commissioner  
   63D.    Delegation by the Chief Executive Officer  
   63E.    Special investigators  
   64.     Immunity  
   65.     Certification of involvement in investigation  
   66.     Staff members etc. not compellable as witnesses  
   67.     Attendance fees where staff members etc. attend coronial inquiry  
   68.     Legal representation for staff members etc. at coronial inquiry  
   69.     Exercise of powers under State and Territory laws  
   70.     Compensation for acquisition of property  
   71.     Regulations  

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