Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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             (1)  The Dictionary at the end of these Regulations consists of 2 parts.

             (2)  Part 1 contains:

                     (a)  definitions of certain expressions; and

                     (b)  signpost references to expressions that are explained in Part 2 or elsewhere in these Regulations.

Note:          A signpost reference to a definition or an explanation of an expression that is elsewhere than in the Dictionary (for example, ' ATSO authorisation --see paragraph 21.601(2)(b)') is not included in the Dictionary unless the definition or explanation of the expression applies outside the regulation in which it occurs. Many expressions are defined for the purposes of a particular Part, Subpart or Division, and signpost references to such definitions are generally not included in the Dictionary.

             (3)  Part 2 consists of numbered clauses that explain certain other expressions otherwise than by means of definitions.

             (4)  Unless the contrary intention appears, the definition or explanation of an expression in these Regulations applies to each use of the expression in these Regulations.

             (5)  The Dictionary is part of these Regulations.

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