Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Applicability of this Part

             (1)  This Part sets out the requirements for the operation of unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft), and (to the extent that the operation of rockets and fireworks affects or may affect the safety of air navigation) the operation of rockets and the use of certain fireworks.

             (2)  Nothing in this Part applies to the operation of a manned balloon or a hot air balloon.

             (3)  Subparts 101.C to 101.I do not apply to the operation of:

                     (a)  a control-line model aircraft (that is, a model aircraft that is constrained to fly in a circle, and is controlled in attitude and altitude, by means of inextensible wires attached to a handle held by the person operating the model); or

                     (b)  a model aircraft indoors; or

                     (c)  an unmanned airship indoors; or

                     (d)  a small balloon within 100 metres of a structure and not above the top of the structure; or

                     (e)  an unmanned tethered balloon that remains below 400 feet AGL; or

                      (f)  a firework rocket not capable of rising more than 400 feet AGL.

Note:          Subpart 101.B applies to the operation of all unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) and rockets, including firework rockets.

             (4)  For paragraph (3)(c), a flight does not take place indoors if the building in which it takes place has the roof, or 1 or more walls, removed.

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