Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Foreign registered RPA and model aircraft--unmanned aircraft levy

Payment of unmanned aircraft levy

             (1)  An application under Chapter 13 of the Part 101 (Unmanned Aircraft and Rockets) Manual of Standards 2019 for permission to operate, or to conduct operations using, an RPA registered under a law of a foreign country must be accompanied by the unmanned aircraft levy (if any) for the application.

Waiver or refund of unmanned aircraft levy

             (2)  CASA may, on behalf of the Commonwealth, waive the payment of unmanned aircraft levy under subregulation (1), or refund levy that has been paid under that subregulation, if CASA is satisfied that there are exceptional circumstances justifying the waiver or refund.

             (3)  The waiver or refund:

                     (a)  may be of the whole or part of the levy; and

                     (b)  may be made by CASA on its own initiative, or on written application in the approved form by the applicant for the registration.

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