Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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             (1)  Subject to regulation 11.055, CASA must give an applicant under regulation 101.374D an accreditation of the kind applied for if the applicant is eligible for that kind of accreditation under this regulation.

Note:          Regulation 201.004 provides for review of certain decisions by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. See also section 31 of the Act.

             (2)  The applicant is eligible for an accreditation of a particular kind mentioned in regulation 101.374D if the applicant:

                     (a)  is at least 16 years old; and

                     (b)  has completed an online training course provided by CASA for that kind of accreditation, to the standard required by CASA, in accordance with any conditions for completing the course required by CASA; and

                     (c)  has achieved a standard required by CASA in an examination (including an online examination) for that kind of accreditation, administered by CASA, in accordance with any conditions for undertaking that examination required by CASA.

             (3)  However, the applicant is not eligible for an accreditation:

                     (a)  if an accreditation formerly held by the applicant has been cancelled within the 12 months before the date of the application; or

                     (b)  while an accreditation currently held by the applicant is suspended under regulation 101.374H or 101.374J.

          (3A)  An applicant may undertake a course or an examination mentioned in subsection (2) only if the applicant is at least 16 years old at that time.

             (4)  Two or more persons cannot jointly hold an accreditation.

             (5)  An accreditation authorises the holder to operate:

                     (a)  excluded RPA, micro RPA and model aircraft; or

                     (b)  model aircraft;

as stated in the accreditation.

Note:          Any conditions imposed on the accreditation under regulation 11.056 must also be set out in, or attached to, the accreditation.

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