Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Procedures to determine information about aerodromes

             (1)  An aeroplane operator's exposition must include the following:

                     (a)  if the information mentioned in subregulation (2) for an aerodrome mentioned in subregulation (3) is not published in the AIP--procedures to determine the information for the aerodrome;

                     (b)  the special procedures and restrictions (if any) that the operator requires the flight crew of the aeroplane to use at an aerodrome mentioned in subregulation (3), including:

                              (i)  engine failure procedures; and

                             (ii)  obstacle clearance procedures;

                     (c)  procedures for the pilot in command to plan a take-off from, or a landing at, an aerodrome not mentioned in subregulation (3), including a procedure to determine the kinds of information mentioned in subregulation (2) for the aerodrome.

             (2)  The information is the following:

                     (a)  runway or strip lengths, widths, directions, slopes and surface types for the aerodrome;

                     (b)  the location of taxiways and turning nodes (if any);

                     (c)  the aerodrome's elevation;

                     (d)  the location on the aerodrome of the aerodrome reference point (if any);

                     (e)  the location of the aerodrome's windsocks;

                      (f)  the aids to navigation and communication facilities available at the aerodrome (if any);

                     (g)  the limitations (if any) on the use of the aerodrome;

                     (h)  the special procedures (if any) in use at the aerodrome, in flight or on the ground or water;

                      (i)  a contact person capable of providing information about the condition of the aerodrome.

             (3)  The aerodromes are the following for a flight of the aeroplane:

                     (a)  the departure aerodrome;

                     (b)  the planned destination aerodrome;

                     (c)  any alternate aerodromes required for the flight by the flight preparation (Part 121 alternate aerodromes) requirements.

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