Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Relationship of Part 132 to other requirements for operating limited category aircraft

             (1)  To avoid doubt:

                     (b)  a provision of CAR or of Part 91 that applies to the operation of a limited category aircraft and is inconsistent with this Part has no effect, in relation to the operation of the limited category aircraft, to the extent of the inconsistency, but the provision is taken to be consistent with this Part to the extent that it is capable of operating concurrently with this Part; and

                     (c)  if this Part, or a provision of a document mentioned in subregulation (2), imposes a more stringent requirement (however described) on the operation of a limited category aircraft than the comparable requirement mentioned in paragraph (a), the more stringent requirement prevails.

Example: For paragraph (c), more stringent requirements might include the following:

(a)    the aircraft must be operated only under the VFR by day;

(b)    the aircraft must be flown only by a named pilot;

(c)    the aircraft must not be flown faster than a stated speed, higher than a stated height or have a take-off weight of more than a stated weight.

             (2)  For paragraph (1)(c), the documents are the following, as in force from time to time:

                     (a)  the aircraft's limited category certificate;

                     (b)  a document that states the aircraft's approved airframe life;

                     (c)  a document that states the life limit of a safety-critical aeronautical product fitted to the limited category aircraft;

                     (d)  the approval of a modification or repair to the aircraft;

                     (e)  an approval under regulation 132.035 in relation to the aircraft;

                      (f)  the aircraft's flight manual;

                     (g)  for an adventure flight of the aircraft--the adventure flight procedures for the aircraft;

                     (h)  an instrument issued under regulation 11.068 (conditions imposed on class of authorisations) that applies to the aircraft;

                      (i)  a direction under Subpart 11.G that applies to the aircraft;

                      (j)  if the administering authority for the aircraft is a limited category organisation--the organisation's operations manual.

Note:          The aircraft must be operated in accordance with the requirements in a document mentioned in subregulation (2): see regulation 132.050.

Subpart 132.B -- Flying limited category aircraft--general requirements


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