Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Authorisations to give approvals, certificates and advice for limited category aircraft

How individuals become authorised to give approvals, certificates and advice

             (1)  An individual is authorised under this subregulation to give, on behalf of a limited category organisation, an approval, a certificate or advice of a kind covered by subregulation 132.180(4) for a limited category aircraft if the individual holds a written authorisation, issued by the limited category organisation, to give the approval, certificate or advice for the aircraft.

Individuals must have relevant qualifications and experience

             (2)  A limited category organisation must not issue an authorisation to an individual for the purposes of subregulation (1) unless the organisation is satisfied that the individual has the qualifications and experience prescribed by the Part 132 Manual of Standards.

Approvals, certificates and advice given on behalf of limited category organisations

             (3)  If an individual is authorised under subregulation (1) by a limited category organisation, approvals, certificates and advice given by the individual in accordance with the approval are taken, for the purposes of these Regulations (other than regulation 132.180), to have been given by the limited category organisation.

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