Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Operator's organisational structure

             (1)  An operator must nominate an individual to be chief executive officer ( CEO ) of the operator's organisation.

             (2)  The CEO must be responsible for ensuring that all application operations and aeroplane maintenance can be carried out to the standard required by these Regulations.

             (3)  An operator must nominate individuals to hold the key personnel positions in the organisation.

             (4)  If, having regard to the size of an operator's organisation or the nature and scope of operations authorised by the operator's AOC, it would not adversely affect the safety of the operations to do so, an operator may:

                     (a)  appoint a person to a key personnel position on a part-time basis; or

                     (b)  appoint a person to more than 1 key personnel position.

             (5)  An operator must ensure that, at all times, a person is occupying, or acting in, each key personnel position.

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