Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Responsibilities and accountabilities of chief executive officer

             (1)  The chief executive officer of an aerial work operator's organisation is responsible for the following:

                     (a)  ensuring that, for the safe conduct of the operator's aerial work operations in accordance with the operator's aerial work certificate and operations manual, and the civil aviation legislation, the operator:

                              (i)  has sufficient suitably experienced, qualified and competent personnel; and

                             (ii)  has a suitable management structure; and

                            (iii)  is adequately financed and resourced;

                     (b)  ensuring that the operator:

                              (i)  sets and maintains standards for the operations in accordance with the operator's operations manual; and

                             (ii)  complies with the civil aviation legislation; and

                            (iii)  for each foreign registered aircraft (if any) used in the operations--maintains the aircraft in accordance with the law of the country in which the aircraft is registered; and

                            (iv)  has procedures that ensure that all of the operator's personnel understand the operator's safety policy; and

                             (v)  has processes for identifying and addressing deficiencies in the operator's aerial work operations;

                     (c)  if the operator is required to have a safety management system--ensuring that the operator:

                              (i)  implements and manages the operator's safety management system; and

                             (ii)  has an organisational structure that ensures that the safety manager is independent and not subject to undue influence;

                     (d)  establishing and regularly reviewing the operator's safety performance indicators and targets;

                     (e)  ensuring that the operator's operations manual is monitored and managed for continuous improvement;

                      (f)  ensuring that key personnel satisfactorily carry out the responsibilities of their positions in accordance with:

                              (i)  the operator's operations manual; and

                             (ii)  the civil aviation legislation.

             (2)  The chief executive officer of an aerial work operator's organisation is accountable to the operator and CASA for ensuring the responsibilities mentioned in subregulation (1) are carried out effectively.

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