Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Requirements for other operational safety-critical personnel

             (1)  The training and checking system must include the following in relation to operational safety-critical personnel who are not flight crew:

                     (a)  a description of how training and checking, including recurrent training, for the personnel is conducted by or for the operator;

                     (b)  an auditable system for maintaining records of the results of the training and checking;

                     (c)  the circumstances in which training is required to familiarise a member of the personnel with their duties ;

                     (d)  the remedial training requirements for the personnel ;

                     (e)  if the operator has a contract with a person for the person to conduct the training or checking for the operator:

                              (i)  details of the person; and

                             (ii)  details of the training or checking covered by the contract; and

                            (iii)  details of how the operator ensures that the person is complying with the operator's training and checking system;

                      (f)  if any of the training or checking is conducted by a member of the personnel--a description of the operator's system for training and assessing such personnel.

             (2)  Without limiting paragraph (1)(a), the description must include the following:

                     (a)  any general restrictions, specifications or safety precautions for the training and checking;

                     (b)  for each kind of training conducted by or for the operator--a course outline, detailed syllabus, standards to be met and record forms;

                     (c)  the procedure to be followed when a standard is not met.

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