Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Simplified outline of this Part

•       The operator of an aerodrome may apply to CASA for an aerodrome certificate. An aerodrome that has an aerodrome certificate is a certified aerodrome.

•       Certain aerodromes are required to be certified. Generally these are aerodromes with terminal instrument flight procedures. Other aerodromes can opt to become certified.

•       The operator of a certified aerodrome must meet certain requirements for operating and maintaining the aerodrome. The Part 139 Manual of Standards has detailed requirements (which may be different for different classes of aerodrome).

•       An aerodrome (whether certified or not) that provides a frequency confirmation service or air/ground radio service must also meet certain requirements.

•       Some objects, structures or emissions sources can create a hazard to aircraft operations at an aerodrome and more generally. CASA can make determinations that such things are hazards, and must be notified of proposed building or other activity that will potentially create such hazards.

•       Providers of aerodrome rescue and firefighting services must be approved by CASA and must comply with operating and technical standards.

Note 1:       Aerodrome is defined in section 3 of the Act. For the reference in that definition to an area being authorised under the regulations for use as an aerodrome, see also regulations 91.410 and 121.205.

Note 2:       There are requirements relating to aerodromes that are not in this Part. For example:

(a)    aerodrome operators may have obligations about drug and alcohol management plans (Part 99), or as aeronautical data originators (Part 175); and

(b)    aerodromes may need to meet certain requirements to support operational rules that apply to aircraft operators and pilots (such as in Part 121).

Note 3:       Other legislation apart from these Regulations may regulate aspects of aerodromes, such as the Air Navigation Act 1920 , the Airports Act 1996 , the Air Services Act 1995 , the Airspace Act 2007 and regulations made under those Acts.

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