Commonwealth Consolidated Regulations

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Requests for data from ATS providers

             (1)  CASA may, by written notice given to an ATS provider, request the ATS provider to provide aircraft movement data of a kind prescribed by the Part 139 Manual of Standards for the purposes of this subregulation.

             (2)  Without limiting subregulation (1), the Part 139 Manual of Standards may prescribe data relating to the following:

                     (a)  the number of aircraft using an aerodrome;

                     (b)  the type of aircraft using an aerodrome;

                     (c)  the nature of the operations undertaken by aircraft at an aerodrome;

                     (d)  the flight rules applying to aircraft at an aerodrome.

             (3)  The ATS provider must comply with the request within:

                     (a)  if paragraph (b) does not apply--28 days after the request is given; or

                     (b)  if CASA specifies a longer period in the request--that period.

Subpart 139.D -- Aerodrome radiocommunication services

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